Writing Warm-Ups for More Productive Writing

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  • August 22, 2017
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Writing Warm-Ups

Just like an athlete has to jog and stretch before he can sprint at full speed, a writer has to warm up too. While writing warm-ups will help a writer to deliver his best piece of work,  there could be many risks and hazards associated in case one ignores them. 

One of the most common consequences of writing without a warm-up is the amount of time you’ll spend staring at a blank screen thinking how to write. Everybody knows that getting started is the toughest part of writing, and even though you have your writing topic well researched, and you know what message you want to convey, getting those ideas to words can be quite difficult. But this whole process can speed up a lot if you practice some basic warm-ups on a daily basis. At first, it would seem time-taking, but once you bring it to routine work, soon you will realise that warming up saves your time. It’s true that with writing warm-ups you do begin writing later, but you are more likely to finish earlier and create a better piece of work.

How to do a writing warm-up?

As now you are aware of the importance of writing warm-ups, here are some productive  tips to improve your writing skills:

1. Reading newspaper and articles

One of the most useful writing exercises for stimulating the brain cells anytime, anywhere and certainly the simplest one is to look at a story or news article online, checking your local newspaper, favorite magazine, etc. Reading more and more gives you an idea about different ways of writing and that will make a lot of difference while you sit down to write. 

2. Practicing a bit of automatic writing

You've probably heard of this sort of writing warm-up before. It's sometimes referred to as "automatic writing." Set a ten minutes timer when you put fingers on the keyboard or pen to paper. As soon as you start the timer, get busy writing. Scribble the things that come to your mind. Keep writing with no more than a second or two pauses at a time - and do that for the full ten minutes until your timer goes off. The goal here is to get your brain really going into high gear and to make that fluid connection between your mind and the "muscle memory" of your fingers (whether you type on keyboard or scribble on paper). It's like brain storming with the added mind-finger stimulation.

3. Narrate fictions, short stories, poetry, etc.

Indulging in a little bit of creative writing such as poetry, short stories, etc., is a good invigorating exercise for your mind. While you are writing such things it's not necessary to be a perfect one, just write whatever comes to your mind. One important thing, in this case, is to bring your personal experience into words. You may be writing about a heart-touching life experience or narrating about a sensational news item.

4. Playing with words

Writing is made up of words, so words themselves may inspire you to write. Try to learn some new words daily and also play word games and Sudoku. Grabbing words and bringing them to use will considerably enhance your cognitive skills, and it will be much easier for you to express your thoughts.

5. Devoting some time to meditation and relaxation

Relaxation exercises can be a powerful weapon against stress and spending some part of the day in relaxing your mind can help you to awaken your creative spirit. By practicing meditation on a daily basis, you will feel the mental serenity, and it will become much easier to focus on your writing. Another important relaxation technique is to listen to soothing music which helps you manage stress and improves the quality (and quantity) of sleep.

It is highly recommended that you practice these writing warm-ups on a daily basis, rather than as something you can do once in a while as without practice these exercises may not be much effective for you!

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