5 Creative Writing Rules Every Beginner Should Know About

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  • May 08, 2016
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5 Creative Writing Rules Every Beginner Should Know About

Once in a while some really creative and otherworldly works comes into the notice of the world, and almost every avid reader starts exploring his/her own creativity. Perhaps, this is why the fan following of Tolkien, Martin, Rowling, and C.S. Lewis never seems to halt. Such writers successfully open up the door to the creative spirits of people, regenerating the society with a fresher air to breathe.

These gifted masterpieces are bound to create inspirations in young minds, taking them on the road to the world that has an entirely different outlook. If you, as a student, have felt your calling from that world, then don’t neglect it. It isn’t just you who need to achieve that dream, people on earth, too, need your unique creativity, to keep themselves from getting stifled by the regular monotone of life. So, now if you are ready to answer that calling, know the rules of that world of creative writing, you are about to enter.

  1. The Basics: The basic grammatical knowledge of the language is the first pre-requisite to attain success in this field. While most people appreciate creativity, there is no lack of people who love to demonstrate their Grammar Nazi-ness. So make sure you have ample knowledge about punctuation, grammar rules, sentence construction, etc. And in case you still need more help in these regards, hire the expert services of Instant Essay Writing. That way, you can sketch your creative imageries without having to worry about language errors.
  2. Verbiage: This is a common word among editors who strictly oppose redundant wordiness. And what you have to do about it: avoid it as you would a venomous reptile. As it has the capacity of poisoning your creative writing, making it counterproductive to the very purpose for which creativity is needed. Redundant words can make your work appear boring, regardless of the interesting information it is trying to convey. So, whenever you find an urge of jotting down many words in a sentence, know that they will be the death of your work.
  3. Consistency: While some may argue that consistency is adverse for liberal creativity, they may change their opinion if they find something like this-’I was working on my assignment, and it was really time-consuming. One could not take a break even to wash my face, that was drenched in sweat. You have to keep working, until one has finished it.’ See, consistency in such cases is not just for the sake of impressive writing, it has the capacity of changing the entire meaning of a sentence, and so, is more of a necessity.
  4. Observe: If one does not have the capacity to observe the world around them, it is useless to even try their luck in creative writing. But it is generally a moot point, for uncanny observations are the very call that must have lured one into this visionary world. So, when you feel attracted to that semi-clear April night sky, or the sounds of younger children playing outside, try and give name to these fascinations. These are the building blocks of any creative article.
  5. Expect, Don’t: You must have observed that most often than not, your vivid imaginations fades away as soon as you take pen or paper in your hands. Don’t worry; it’s a completely natural phenomenon that takes place with almost all the first-timers. Be patient and steady, and eventually you will be completely recovered from this phase.

Another thing you should keep away from your expectations is, acceptance. For even after being the most treasured form of writing, creative compositions face the most criticisms. But don’t lose patience, if it is worthy, which it is, then no one can keep it from the recognition it deserves. If it gives you any courage, then know that one of the best creations as yet, the Harry Potter series was rejected by twelve publishers! Yeah, one moment of silence, they all deserve. But, you get the point, right? Do not let anyone else be the judge; have patience and faith in you, for you deserve it.

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