5 Ways to Practice Self-Care in Life’s Hustle and Bustle

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  • March 20, 2017
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5 Ways to Practice Self-Care in Life’s Hustle and Bustle

In such a chaotic world, where all of us have lost in the race of finding the purpose of our existence and earning money to fulfil the materialistic desires, we need some solace in our busy lives. There’s no denying that students are so caught up in juggling part-time jobs and writing academic documents which leave them with no time to pamper themselves and they often even forget to live the way they’re are supposed to. So, if you think you’re too much caught up in a gruelling schedule, then be kind to yourself and read this blog to the end. You never know you might end up saying- “Now I know how to give myself much deserved attention, love and care.”

This post is a sweet reminder for those who often forget themselves due to round-the-clock busy schedules and need some tips on self-care. Take a read before it gets too late!

1. Appreciate Yourself

Well, it’s good to be considerate of others and appreciate them for their kind words and deeds, but ignoring yourself is simply injustice. There’s one rule of the universe which is inescapable, and it is ‘The way you treat yourself shows how you’ll treat the world around you.’ Therefore, never miss out a chance to celebrate and reward yourself whenever you do something extraordinary which others might not have carried out with so much poise and dignity. So, the next time whenever you score well in your exams or meet the never-ending expectations of your boss, then never think twice and pat your back.

2. Buy Yourself Presents

You must have bought gifts for your friends or doting parents on special occasions, but how many times have you got something for yourself? Remember, you don’t need someone else to buy you things every time as you certainly deserve to spoil yourself as well. Try this once, and you will love that precious moment of making yourself feel the most treasured one.

3. Do Not Ignore Your Physical and Mental Well-Being

We all are cognizant of the benefits that we get by being regular in doing exercise as our muscles need some stretching up. But as consistency and discipline are the words students don’t find in their dictionary, they often forget to do exercise on a daily basis. You are running short of time to carry out any physical activity owing to the reason that you are running after money, position, degrees and what not. But have you ever wondered what use all of them would serve if you won’t remain in good health? Take out some minutes from your busy life and make time for yourself as ‘YOU’ are important.

4. Go an Extra Mile to Support Others

Human is a social animal and cannot thrive in isolation. So if you’re someone who doesn’t get time to catch up with your dear ones, then be aware of the fact that we belong to a society and dynamic relationships actually give us a reason to live our lives enthusiastically in a better way. Pally with those who need support and never wait to lend a helping hand to someone in need. By healing and encouraging others, we nourish our own selves.

5. Learn Something New

You don’t need a Monday, a New Year or Summer Breaks to start investing in yourself. You definitely need something apart from your day-to-day routine life to revive yourself. You can consider learning a new language, a dance form, musical instrument or perhaps anything of your interest to kick up your heels.

Make yourself a priority as at the end of the day you are your longest commitment.

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