5 Quick Ways to overcome pressure of Examinations

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  • November 11, 2016
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5 Quick Ways to overcome pressure of Examinations

Most of the college-goers have the tendency to be reluctant for their studies which lead to stress during the exam days. They have the consistent pressure of completing their assignments, reports, writing essay, and other academic documents which make it more difficult for them to sustain the examination pressure. Read this blog to find out the five effective ways that can put your exam tension at ease. Have a read:

Don’t leave important topics for the last moment

It is one common mistake that most of the college students commit. They often tend to procrastinate the painful chapters for the last minutes which leads to catastrophic results in the end. Students are advised to be a consistent and smart learner; take a quick glance of your lessons in the day before the examination and avoid the last minute crises.

Conduct proper revision

An appropriate revision is an integral part of the learning process. So don’t forget to revise your topics before stepping up for the examination. Divide your chapters into smaller topics and try to revise them daily. This way you will remember things for a much longer time. A proper revision also ensures that you will be relieved from all the unnecessary worries.

Use your subject notes to study

Many times, it is seen that the professors directly put those questions in the exam paper which they have taught during their lectures. Thus it is very crucial for you to learn from your notes that are given in your class.
Maintain a proper record of all the notes and do not hesitate to take help from your friends or professor to assist you in case you lagged behind in keeping your record.

Highlight the relevant topics in your notes and re-revise them in the last moment just before your examination.

Do not forget to check previous year’s question papers

As a college student, you should know the importance of previous year’s question papers. It can tell the pattern in which the examination paper is formatted, and you can also analyse the type of questions that are repeated or asked.

One can also figure out which topics are important by analysing the weightage of the questions.

Through this method, a student can create an answering strategy which will certainly help him/her to get top-notch grades in the examination.

Take enough rest the night before examination

It is crucial to take the right amount of sleep (at least 6-7 hours) the night before the big day. It can help a student to refresh his/her mind and be prepared for the examination pressure. A sound sleep will help you in keeping calm and in the right mood.
We hope you have got the insight of different tips that can help you to reduce your exam time pressure and head you towards a bright and fruitful career.

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