Mistakes that Cause Blunder to Your Resume

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  • December 09, 2016
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Blunder to Your Resume

There are times when we think we are right but are often proved wrong which leads to an embarrassing situation. There are people who eagerly wants to prove you wrong — interviewers are those who fall under this category.

When we prepare our resume, we seldom think unprofessionally and mention certain words or phrases that might prove a big blunder on the D-day. This blog discusses all such bloopers and the preconceived notions that students have regarding themselves. Read further to know what you can exclude from your resume so that it does not pose a big problem in future:

Highly Qualified

It is suggested that the use of terms like highly qualified, trained or extensive experience won’t make you a better and a well-suited candidate to the job you have applied for. In fact, it can have an negative effect of your personality in the mind of the interviewer. Just focus on your skills, accomplishments, credentials and awards that you have earned and write about them directly, without the use of too many adjectives.

References Available by Request

This is an old phrase, so it is advised to avoid using it in your resume. If you have applied for a job in any MNC or renowned company, they will certainly ask you for a few personal and professional references.


No one writes that he/she is lazy on the resume. In the same way, mentioning that you are ambitious doesn’t make any sense either. On the contradictory, it can be implied as you are in desperate need of this job for now and will be looking for a new one in some time.


No need to mention that you were successful at completing something  in your resume. It is understood that you have completed that task, otherwise you won’t be mentioning it in your resume. Directly put your accomplishments, for example, write ‘led annual budget planning’ instead of ‘successfully led the annual budget plan’.

Best of breed/ Go-getter/ Strategic thinker / Hard worker

It is a fact that an interviewer is less likely to consider you if you haven't worked hard or if not someone who will put in all what it takes to get the task completed. But that doesn't mean writing "hard worker or go-getter" will convince the interviewer of your efforts. Rather provide them with a concrete example of how you have gone the extra mile to prove your point.

Preparing for the interviews is not a robot science as all it requires is the right confidence and your skills. Therefore, don’t worry about it and especially not about making a decent resume. Hope you got an insight into the most commonly used blunders in the resume and would work on this.

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