Know 5 Things That Might Affect Your Productivity


  • December 13, 2016
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Know 5 Things That Might Affect Your Productivity

In today’s world, we all have certain important tasks to do. The students pursuing their studies are the busiest nowadays. Perhaps you too are the one who is trying to build up your career or to fit in so that you can perform the tasks better. The experts providing instant essay writing assistance to the university scholars have conveyed that there are five things that can affect your productivity negatively. So, if you are writing or about to write an academic essay, then you should take a read at the points mentioned below.

Let’s go through each one of them one by one.

Lack of Creativity in Your Work

This is one of the oldest enemies of the academic writing work. The very first thing that you need to understand is that academic essay writing need not be as creative as a novel, it just needs to include the exact facts and figures. However, some of the questions might need tricky answers, but in most of the cases, you should concentrate more on accuracy and relevance rather than the creativity in your academic essays. 


Procrastination is a known enemy. We all procrastinate a lot, but what are the reasons behind it and how to avoid it is something which has no fixed answer. The major reasons behind it are:

  • Being lazy
  • Trying to avoid the hard work needed
  • Wish to complete other tasks first, and many more.

There can be a thousand reasons on this list, but the only thing that can prevent you from procrastination is being away from the distractions such as mobile phones, electronic gadgets, etc., while working on the scholarly document.


Planning your academic writing work is essential, but understand the difference between planning things and making things complicated. Your major point of concern should be minimising the time that is essential to complete your work not delaying it. Moreover, everything you are doing should have a positive impact, and if you have not planned your day accordingly, you might end up achieving less than expected.


Performance is something that gets directly affected by your environment; if you are feeling sick, there are fair chances that your performance would suffer. Some of the other factors why your performance might get affected are when you start working on an unknown topic or the unusual environment or when your mind and soul are somewhere else and not on the task you are indulged in.


This is indeed the most important thing that you need to do before starting any work. Students usually fail to set their priorities before starting their work and thus, their work suffers a lot. The only thing that you should consider before starting anything is to focus on that which has the maximum impact on your work. By doing so, you might be able to complete the most important tasks first, and this is the best thing that can happen while working on the academic document.

If you really are worried about your performance, then you should know that the key to performing better is to identify the external stimuli that are hindering your task and finding ways to eliminate them.

These are probably the best things essential for improving your productivity. Hope they work for you as well!

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