How Is Thanksgiving Celebrated Around the World?


  • November 22, 2017
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Thanksgiving is quite popular in the Western Europe and North American nations and the traditional celebrations include parades, family dinners, football games, etc. But do you know that it is a globally celebrated festival? Thanksgiving is celebrated in almost all the countries, but it is known by different names everywhere. Also, due to cultural diversity there are different activities that people engage in to commemorate the day when pilgrims thanked the fall for harvest. In this blog, we bring you a list of nations where Thanksgiving is celebrated in different ways.

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Similar to the Thanksgiving, Japanese celebrate a festival called Kinro Kansha no Hi as an occasion to thank nature for the annual rice harvest. It is also termed as the National Labor’s Day festival which is quite like the American labor day and parades are conducted all over the country.


Thanksgiving festival in Vietnam is celebrated by the name of Têt-Trung-Thu. The tradition dictates that on this particular day, parents have to buy a fresh piece of the new harvest for the kids as a symbol to pass on the legacy. This festival is said to be a 2000 year old affair that draws its roots from a local folklore.


Similar to the every other country, the annual harvest festival in Korea is celebrated by the name of Chuseok Day. It is rejoiced by sharing meal with family members and a few close friends. It is celebrated in the third week of September as people consider it as an auspicious day to thank nature for the autumn harvest.


Unlike Americans and other Europeans, Germans celebrate Thanksgiving with chicken and geese. The day is marked as the annual festival of harvest and is quite popular amongst the country folks. Instead of being a family affair, Erntedankfest is a communal gathering that includes meals, dance, music, and other traditional games.


It occurs quite early than the traditional Thanksgiving. Chinese call it mid-autumn festival and celebrate it in the month of August to thank the nature for the annual harvest. All the delicacies involved in the celebration are prepared from local products or the cereals and grains that are cultivated recently. The festival marks the beginning of a new season in the Mandarin calender.


The closest to the global harvest festival is the Canadian Thanksgiving. Similarly to the others, Canadians celebrate it to enjoy the annual cultivation of fruits and grains. Although, the Canadian Thanksgiving is considered older than the American Thanksgiving and is said to be the birthplace of most of the traditional recipes.

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