6 Successful College Dropouts Who Created History

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  • May 23, 2017
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6 Successful College Dropouts Who Created History

Education certainly is important, but a college degree isn’t the only way to become successful. Here is a list of 6 influential people who gave preference to their ambitions over college degree and decided to dropout.

1. Brad Pitt- Pitt enrolled in the University of Missouri in 1982, majoring in journalism with a focus on advertising. He loved films and so decided to leave Missouri. Two weeks before getting his degree, Pitt left the university and moved to Los Angeles, where he took acting lessons and worked at odd jobs. In 1991, nine years after enrolling in college, Brad Pitt got a role in Thelma & Louise that opened his way to a great career. 

2. Ralph Lauren-  World-famous fashion designer, Ralph Lauren  went to Baruch College, New York, where he studied business, although he dropped out after two years and became a necktie salesman. When he presented his own design to the company he worked for, they rejected it, leading him to start his tie company from a small office in New York City. After a year, Ralph Lauren attracted the attention of Neiman Marcus, who gave him an order of 1,200 ties. From there, Ralph Lauren started his store, eventually moving into cloth designing.

3. Tom Hanks- Renowned actor Tom Hanks is one such another name in this list. In college years, Hanks met Vincent Dowling, head of the Great Lakes Theater Festival in Cleveland, Ohio. At Dowling's offer, Hanks enrolled as an intern with the company.  His internship extended to a three-year experience that covered most aspects of theatre leading Hanks to drop out of college. Six years after starting with the company in Ohio, Hanks got the role in the film Splash, which was his first big break.

4. Bill Gates- Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world entered Harvard in 1973 and dropped out after two years to found Microsoft with his childhood friend Paul Allen, who also ditched Washington State University to join hands with Gates.

5. Mark Zuckerberg- Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in his college years when most of the students spend their college days in sleeping, studying, or doing things their parents probably don't know about. As Facebook became popular, Zuckerberg left college and relocated the incipient company to Palo Alto, California. According to Forbes, Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in the world.

6. Michael Dell- Michael Dell started Dell from his University’s dorm room. Dell enrolled at the University of Texas as a pre-med student, but his love for computers almost immediately took over his academic career in the medical field. As a freshman, Dell purchased and upgraded old computers and sold them for profits. He decided to drop out at age 19 to pursue the computer business.

The prosperous career of these people clearly shows that the road to success does not necessarily pass through college. So, study to learn and follow your passion. On the contrary, educational institutes or universities are also an important part of our lives as we gain so much from there as well.

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