Roles of Opposition in a Political System


  • December 28, 2017
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roles of opposition

In every political system, there is a ruling and a single or team of opposing parties. Leaders, who we vote to lead us, decide what's best for us, and feed us, don't prefer taking advice directly from the people. To have a common man's problems heard in the parliament is the work of opposition parties. To listen to them or not is the choice that leaders make; mostly negative. It's quite surprising that the decisions that opposition oppose are the same ones they make when they become the rulers.

There is always more than one outcome of a decision. If somewhere there's agreement with the people, somewhere else the same choice can also create problems. It is essential to have a smart opposition which can represent the issues the way they are. They should also be aware of their roles in the government, and the decision it makes. The list goes something like:

1. Gathering information on current issues

There are a lot of issues that people across the world will find common amongst several countries. Violation of human rights, poverty, homelessness, and racism are a few of them. Leaders claim to make provisions that solve these problems, but they rarely succeed. In the process of decision making, the rulers have to present an idea in the legislative assembly, then the team debates with the opposition about the benefits and flaws of a specific plan. The laws are implemented when there's agreement by the majority of the members.

2. Co-operating with the government (at certain times)

Sometimes when a nation is grieving its tragic loss because of a natural or man-made disaster, the opposition has to be sensible and help the government, and the country through the rough course of time. At such times, the selfless decisions that are made by the government to save and rescue lives and property are unquestionable. The opposing members also must smack sensibility in leader's mind whenever they lack what a country requires.

3. Forming a better government

The opposition is a two-way thing. The people whose decisions you judge on moral grounds will review yours when you become a leader. Politicians are suggested to construct their political party in such a way that they don't have to make the same decisions, they once opposed. Otherwise, it comes out like an act of hypocrisy, and the people get no second chance, but to live with it till the next government repeats the same mistake again. Somebody has got to break this cycle.

4. Questioning the government

Be it the time when your government makes a wrong decision, or entirely overlooks the problems of people that form a country, the opposition has to hold the leaders responsible for the entire loss. It does not only corner the rulers to make provisions towards improving a situation but also spread awareness about the steps that can be taken to prevent certain circumstances from becoming worse. Ministers, on the other hand, are as answerable to the opposition as they are to the people.

We spoke about the roles that opposition play in forming a government. To make good things happen, the ruling party also has to understand the gravity of all the situations and the true meaning of sensibility. Being sensible only towards money and the process to earn it can prove unhealthy to the people. However, they don't ask to change a decision, even if it's war as long as leaders sugarcoat it as if it's essential for the growth. Since when did the wars start contributing to the growth? People very much fail to understand that.

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