5 Surprising Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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  • March 01, 2017
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5 Surprising Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Many adults, especially college students suffer from various problems related to sleep at some stage in their lives. There can be many reasons that can cause the disturbance in your sleep patterns, out of which insomnia is the most common one. Sleeplessness becomes quite frustrating for sufferers, but it doesn’t just happen randomly. Listed below are some of the factors which might be stopping you from getting enough sleep at night. Read this blog to the end to learn more.

1. Intake of a lot of Caffeine

Consuming several cups of coffee during the day can be a big reason for improper sleep at night. Caffeine takes a very long time to leave your system. Not only it makes harder for the person to fall asleep but can also cause disrupted sleep throughout the night. Therefore, instead of relying on coffee or tea in the afternoon, try to take a short walk to perk up naturally. 

2. Taking Shower at late hours

Taking a shower before the bed sounds like a great idea but it can actually warm up your body which can disturb your sleeping even more. The key aspect to keep in mind before going for a hot shower or bath at night is the timing. It is best to take a shower two-three hours before the bedtime to facilitate the cooling-off in your body temperature, and thus experience a sound sleep.

3. Working out too late

Exercising warms up the body & wakes up your brain, and both these processes can interfere with your sleeping process at night. The best time to exercise is four to six hours before getting to bed. You should consider exercising in the early morning if in case you are unable to cope with your schedule. To enjoy a regular sleep-wake cycle, do not overstimulate your metabolism by working out too much.

4. Heavy dinner

Intake of large portions of the meal just before the bed can be a big reason for a disturbed sleep at night. According to the doctors, consumption of oily or spicy food should be avoided in the supper. Also, make a habit of walking for at least 10 minutes before getting in your bed. Never sleep right after you had your dinner.

5. Eating protein too close to bedtime

Protein requires a lot of time to break and thus to digest. Hence, if it is consumed late night, then your digestive system keeps on churning away which frequently disturbs your sleep. If you are working late night and find yourself hungry, then prefer to munch on small snacks that consist of the carbohydrates and proteins such as crackers with cheese, banana with peanut butter, etc.

Many studies have revealed several health risks of not sleeping enough such as the weight gain, heart diseases, susceptibility to cancer, and an increased risk of early death. Therefore, it is high time for you to pay attention to your sleeping habits and lead a healthy life.

Sleeping also leads to better creativity, problem-solving and productivity, thus every student should take approximately 6-7 hours of sleep every night. If the truckloads of essays and assignments are the main reasons causing a disturbance in your sleep, then you must contact us for essay writing assistance. We, at Instant Essay Writing, provide affordable essay writing services to the students of the US. You can simply connect with our professionals via active chats, calls or e-mails. 

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