Know Seven Benefits Of Online Gaming For Students


  • February 27, 2017
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Know Seven Benefits Of Online Gaming For Students

Usually, parents think that playing online games is a total waste of time and can have an adverse effect on the performance of their children. There’s no denying the fact that video games are an addiction, but significant studies have proven that online gaming also has some positive impacts on the scholars. Summarised below are the seven benefits of online gaming for the students:

1.Improves cognitive skills - In online games, a player has to clear several stages, and at every stage, he/she finds some or the other difficulty. Therefore, if you want to play well, you will have to find solutions to the problems. When you are thinking constantly about the result, then your responsiveness to the situation is automatically activated. This development of mental ability is beneficial for the scholars as it can help them in their academic tasks like assignment writing, essay writing, etc.

2. Better decision-making ability- Online gaming definitely improves decision-making skills as many a time, players are forced to take challenging game choices in various situations without losing the accuracy. Taking decisions instantly surely enhances their ability to make good choices. 

3.Enhances creativity and imagination - Video games help the students to see the world through different perspectives and also something that is beyond their imagination like what is behind the surface, exploring nature, etc. Therefore, online gaming increases their capacity to think in an innovative manner.

4.Promotes social development - There are games which can only be played in partnership such as Farmville, World of Craft, etc. Such games provide the students a chance to interact with other people. One can also chat and share one’s views about the game. It will help them to build friendships with people who share the similar interest.

5. Improves technical knowledge - In today’s time, students should know how to make the best use of the Computer and the Internet, and online gaming requires both of them. Scholars become curious in learning new techniques due to the interest in playing online games.

6. Understand the value of money - Many games charge a fixed amount of money for playing. Students do not realise that once the money is used and if they lose the game, then that cost spent is wasted. Therefore, scholars should know that money is hard-earned and should be spent judiciously. 

7. Learn about setting and achieving goals - Virtual players are forced to meet the targets as some games are target oriented. This teaches them to set their goals and achieve them through mastering the needed skills and also by being strategic. They learn to set their aims and attain them anyhow. 

Above-mentioned were the seven advantages of online gaming. So, the next time if someone asks you not to play video games, you can tell them about how internet games are not that bad.

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