6 Online Educational Tools Every Student Should Know About

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  • July 12, 2017
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6 Online Educational Tools Every Student Should Know About

Technology has affected our life with innovations that transformed the world for better. And education is no different as over the years online tools have made enormous contributions to this sector as well. These resources are advantageous as they are easily accessible and convenient to operate. Learning has become more exciting as students can now quickly memorize different concepts with the help of these tools. The essay help professionals have listed a few helpful online tools for students that can make the educational process more interactive and integrating for them. Read this blog carefully to learn more about them!


Kahoot allows professors to introduce gaming elements in their classroom to engage millennials and grab their attention. This learning platform enables them to create presentations, play quizzes and questionnaires. Students can check out the presentations on a shared screen, or by using their cellphones, tablets, or laptops.

Compass Learning

Compass Learning is a website that assists tutors to better understand the strengths, weaknesses and general psychology of every scholar. It aims at supporting teachers to meet the specific educational needs of the students and head them on the right path based on their personal attributes.


One of the most modern digital classroom management tools is ClassDojo that can be used efficiently by educators to encourage students and inform parents about their kids’ performance in the classroom. This safe and simple communication App can generate reports that can be shared easily with the guardians of the concerned scholar in no time.


Alison is an online site that was designed with one simple aim, i.e., to help scholars get access to simple, free and high-quality educative information and materials. All you need is the hunger for knowledge, and Alison can offer you with the right resources to help.

Getting Smart

Getting Smart assists you to boost the effectiveness of your study routine with the help of various efficient methods and techniques that strengthen memory retention, research concepts, comprehension, etc.


Edmodo is a social media platform for teachers, scholars, and parents. It allows instructors to assign and grade homework on their mobile devices, millennials to connect with educators and batchmates, and parents to stay up-to-date on what their kids are doing in school.

Today, one can find a plenty of online resources for students and even teachers who desire to enhance their knowledge. And if as a college student you are facing challenges in completing your essays, then you can take essay help from the experts of ‘Instant Essay Writing.’ No matter which city of the US you live in, we are here to assist you with complex essay writing tasks. So don’t worry anymore and just give us a call. We would be happy to serve you. Have a beautiful day ahead!

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