Three Significant Milestones from The History of Arts You Can Write an Essay About


  • December 20, 2017
  • 1771

It's wonderful when you look around and find art at the most unusual places like HTML coding. The way how simple and attractive a website looks despite it’s complex functions is another form of art in which programmers are trained. Don't you wonder how it started? When did art become a widespread phenomenon? And, if you do, why not write an essay about it as an art student?

But to select the topics from Wikipedia's alphabetical arrangement of various art movements can get a little tricky. Read below a few of the critical eras that transformed arts to what it is today:

1. American Renaissance

The age of renaissance in America started in 1876. It was an era of development of art and architecture, confidence, and nationalism. Art and architecture scholars such as Hunt, Richardson, La Farge, Saint gardens, and Stanford White, etc., left their impressions on American monuments, walls, and streets. The practices of Greek democracy and Roman law begin to be welcomed by the people.

Gilded Age and New Imperialism were the eras that collide with this American Renaissance. European arts scholars traveled to the promised land, for higher payments were given to the skilled workers. With them moved millions of unskilled immigrants, too. That was the time when people started to notice the partial concentration of money.

2. Romanticism

This specific form of art was considered by many as a part of the reflection of the Industrial Revolution. It was one of the most critical topics of debate in the early 19th century amongst philosophical scholars, who also called it the Age of Enlightenment.

The world that artists witnessed behind the industries and the development, they chose to portray it on canvas. Art in 1800 to 1850 hugely related modernisation to the prehistoric times. It also influenced politics by influencing liberalism, conservatism, radicalism, and nationalism.

3. Neoclassicism

The art form that pays homage to work of the Greek sculptor Phidias (480- 430BC), Neoclassicism made it to the modern art world. Born in Rome in 1760s, it also took influences from Baroque, Rocco, and Romanticism. There were more traditional art-forms which it got inspired by, and the neoclassicist arts can be classified on the basis of their geographical location. Neoclassicism artworks hugely focused on simplicity and symmetry, above all.

The name was meant to stand primarily for visual arts, but it also brought changes to other art-forms. Similar movements happened in France and other European nations, as well. The campaign also brought changes to English literature, music, etc., all at different parts of the world.

When you read about arts and creation, try to learn about the people who were behind creating those. There are times when you read about the artists, and you find the other great artworks that they have created. What you can do is gather a little bit of information on all the topics and bring some content in your write-ups.

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