Four Life Lessons We Can Learn from Famous Personalities


  • December 12, 2017
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Times are good, times go bad. As it heals a lot of our bruises, a few it creates. Time passes by and teaches us a lot. Every day is a new chapter in life, with its own ups and downs. A lot of famous personalities that we know now have been through numerous sick days which taught them good lessons and made what they are now.

We, on the other hand, like to live in a controlled environment, doing everything by the rules, and paying no attention to those who are different. Psychologists believe that there are very few chances that someone would ever love an overbearing person.

Every one of us can look at what great masters of all times have tried teaching us. To follow the path that they have paved is another task you can do to improve your lifestyle.

#4 Jim Morrison, "Expose yourself to your greatest fear. After that, you are free."

Sometimes, we find something so hard that we prevent ourselves from doing it. It's like we are afraid of the fear itself. The definition of fear, however, varies from person to person. We need to give in everything we are so scared of losing, and find what's on the other side. Once you find that, fear will never bother you again.

#3 Oprah, "The life you want begins by embracing the life you have."

You may look at your favorite superstars and wonder the life they've got. They seem oozing with confidence which gives a strong feeling like they know that they're a superstar. It makes you want to become a star and to have that kind of confidence. However, it just doesn't happen overnight. For people to find out their way to success, they need to find out everything about themselves. To know everything about yourself is a task easier spoken than done.

#2 Steve Jobs, "Don't be afraid to be different."

This is the thought coming from a multimillionaire. Pay attention.

We don't take the path that is less traveled. Like many other successful entrepreneurs, Steve preferred taking the left-hand path in doing something. Following his words, we can learn to find a different perspective to look at something that we are working on.

#1 Jackie Chan, "Don't let circumstances control you. You change your circumstances."

There are times when circumstances are just not in your favor. Most of us stop believing that the present conditions are changeable. We lose our hope and quit. That's precisely what Jackie Chan suggests you not to do. Keep working hard in the right direction, and the circumstances will change.

Bonus: Arnold Schwarzenegger, "Get to the chopper."

If nothing works out, for you are under a constant attack of an extraterrestrial predator and you hear someone say, "Get to the chopper," then get on it. That's the only way you have to save yourself.

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