5 Signs That You Might Be Legitimately Brilliant

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  • August 17, 2017
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5 Signs That You Might Be Legitimately Brilliant

There might be times when people have called you smart or genius for achieving or performing something extraordinary, and you have wondered if, you are one. Have you ever lost in thoughts believing to be the next Albert Einstein or just sort of insanely brilliant mind who is waiting for the sun to shine and invent or discover something spectacular such as the time machine or a new planet? If all this seems like a familiar story to you, then you have come to the right place. Today, through this blog, the essay writing experts have compiled a list of few signs which would show that you are a super intelligent person.

Excited to know more about them? Do not delay, let’s get started!

1. You Often Talk to Yourself 

Do you often find yourself talking alone? If yes, then do not feel ashamed of accepting this fact as the people who talk to themselves are believed to be the one with super intellect. Muttering to oneself describes that you need expert’s suggestion. So, what’s wrong in doing that? One another important benefit of self-talking is that it can alleviate stress, provides a cognitive boost, and makes you more focused on the task at hand.

2. You Have a Scatterbrain

There is no secret that people who have a scatterbrain live an incredibly hectic life, however, they also have the ability to juggle various tasks and work on their timescales which ultimately make them someone with keen intelligence. Circulating your imaginations over several tasks at a time and not focusing on a single one helps an individual to expand his/her horizons. Thus, you can use this unique working of your brain to your advantage in order to unleash the creative genius dwelling inside you.

3. You Favour Cats Over Dogs

According to a survey, people who prefer cats are comparatively more intelligent than the ones who love dogs. Cats lovers are known for their introvert nature and open-mindedness. They are nonconformists,  on the other hand, the cynophilists are more of a party animal who loves to socialize and be a part of the crowd. 

4. You Worry About Petty Issues

Most of the intellects are not laid back persons, and it is all because of their constant thoughts that roll through their mind. One of the most common habits of geniuses is that they are unable to shrug off even the random existential questions. They think over every minute detail which can be quite emotionally taxing.

5. You Constantly Like to Challenge Yourself

A real genius is the one who keeps on challenging himself/herself. If you continually stimulate your brain with mind-bending games, riddles or illusions, then you are a born mastermind.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about these super signs of genius. However, don’t feel disheartened if you are unable to find these qualities in yourself as it is always possible to drag yourself into good habits. All you need is ample of time to perform the task repetitively until it transforms into a habit.

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