What Can Students Learn from WWE Superstars?

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  • October 16, 2017
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WWE Superstars

WWE is a brand that has global fan base, and surprisingly the major contributors to it are teenagers and college students. Everyone just loves to watch their favorite superstars step into the ring and lay cool moves on their opponents. It won’t be wrong to say that fans feel connected to their dearest performers and follow them around madly.

This hype that WWE has acquired over the years is mainly due to its performers who are no less than an idol for all their fans who look up to them for inspiration. This blog brings to you a list of WWE superstars who teach students so much in many ways that no one would have ever thought of.

Shawn Michaels

Popularly known as Mr. Wrestlemania, Shawn Michaels had a decorated career. He was one of the most beloved superstars that the wrestling business has ever seen. One notable instance which became the highlight of his career was returning from a broken back, just because wrestling was his passion. It teaches students to never bogged down come what may.

Rey Mysterio

A performer who won millions of hearts just with his agility and humility, Rey Mysterio wasn’t as strong built as the other wrestlers, but that didn’t ever come in his way to success. He excelled with whatever he had and became a champion of masses. Students who feel low on self-esteem just because they lack in few qualities must draw inspiration from Rey and learn to make the best use of their resources.

Randy Orton

The youngest champion in WWE history faced a lot of seasoned campaigners throughout his career but hardly showed a sign of fear. So-called ‘viper’ of the locker room was beaten down many times and could have let fear of failure get the better of him but we all know that didn’t happen. Randy Orton teaches to live a life free of fears and impending intimidation.

Triple H

One of the deadliest WWE performers and greatest of champions, Triple H had an incomparable grit. He was one of the longest reigning champions in the business but never let that fact get to his mind and faced every competitor with equal toughness. Cerebral Assassin teaches to stay humble and inspires everyone to go about every situation with equal effort and passion.

The Rock

An astounding performer and even better athlete who achieved everything he set his sight on, The Rock is a name that can never be forgotten. Our very own ‘Brahma Bull’ is famous not only for his professional achievements but also for the way he conducted his life. The Rock is a perfect example of a balanced lifestyle, and the students who find it difficult to juggle various aspects of their life must learn a lot from him. He teaches to maintain a symphony between personal and professional life in a convenient way.

John Cena

He could easily be regarded as the most famous WWE superstar of all time and the face that ran the company single-handedly. ‘Mr. Hustle Loyalty Respect’ had only one motto, never give up. John Cena teaches never to give up regardless of the situation one is in. Also, inspires students to stay focused on their aim which ultimately culminates into success.

The Undertaker

Yes, we saved best for the last. Probably the greatest performer to have ever appear on screen, The Undertaker is surely a legendary wrestler who lived up to the expectations every time he set foot in the ring. His successful and celebrated career of almost 30 years is second to none. ‘The Phenom’ is a living embodiment that defines discipline and inspires every student to imply it in their life.

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