5 Things Students Should Know About Digital Footprints

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  • May 22, 2017
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5 Things Students Should Know About Digital Footprints

Digital footprints on the Internet are used to describe the trail or footprints left by the things you do online. The information on a personal website, social media activity, online subscription, browsing history, photos and videos uploaded- basically anything with a person’s name on the Internet leaves a mark.

Students today don’t even think twice before putting their names on things online, which leaves their footprints almost everywhere. Fortunately, many sources of personal data can be twisted, so we share only a few things with the public. Students should understand and handle their digital footprints before getting themselves into trouble. The experts providing essay help to the college-goers have listed a few things the students should know about the digital footprints.

Don’t share too much

The students should not overshare too much information on social media platforms. The only way to avoid the hassle is not sharing your basic information with anyone including usernames, passwords, pictures, aliases, addresses and other essential information.

Educate yourself

The scholars should understand digital citizenship on an educational platform. It will help them to know about the basics of digital footprints. A student should work with his/her classmates to get more and more information on this issue and learn about the concepts and actions that create a footprint.

Use digital tools

There are numbers of digital tools that you can use to manage your footprints on social media. These tools will help you to block tracking cookies (it is a bit of text stored on a PC with information sent from a browser) and also provide you with the control over website scripts.

Searches are public

Social media platforms like Facebook, Google, etc., keep records of your data and use every information which they get from their users to determine their marketing demographics. They even track every keyword and web page which you often use or visit.

Use a secondary email id

It is useful for the students to have a secondary email address. For communicating with someone or signing up for a social media platform, it will help you from the issues related to digital footprint.

Scholars may not understand the consequences of what they share through social media. Teachers and parents should start teaching them about these ill-effects, and how they can manage their digital footprints.

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