5 Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Essay Writing

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  • January 03, 2017
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5 Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Essay Writing

University students have to juggle a lot of scholarly articles, spreadsheets, grammar checker, etc., which makes them quite irritated at times. The experts who provide essay writing services to the students all over the world say that there are certain tricks and tactics that scholars can use to make their task even more swifter than before.

The shortcut keys of the keyboard should be known to every scholar working on any kind of academic documents because they speed up the work and you can use the spare time in other activities as well. Take a read through the points given below to know about them:

1. For searching

If you wish to find out about something on a web page or a document, you can always go for Ctrl+F. As soon as you press these two keys together, a small dialogue box opens up, and you can write the word you are searching for. The word gets highlighted in the case of a web page, and after you’ve hit the enter button, it will automatically go to the words which you’ve entered.

2. Text styling

If you need to make any text bold and italics, then you can use the Ctrl+B and Ctrl+I respectively. This will save a lot of time if there is a lot of content to style in an essay.

3. Tabs and windows

You can either use your mouse to switch between tabs and windows or Alt+Tab so as to switch the windows and Ctrl+Tab for switching the tabs of the browser or your editor. In either case, your task will be done saving a lot of time.

4. Hyperlinks

It is seen that most of the people copy the link and paste that into the URL box. There is an easier way as well, that is, press the control key and click on the hyperlink, it will automatically get opened up in the browser.

5. Document styling

There are various document styling shortcuts that you should be aware of. The basic ones are Ctrl+C for copy, Ctrl+V for paste, Ctrl+A for select all, Ctrl+S for saving, Ctrl+Z for undo, Ctrl+X for cut, and so on.

Once you get the hold of these shortcuts on your keyboard, your working speed will be enhanced for good. Hope these hacks help you next time you are working on an academic document.

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