How to Improve Your Communication Skills?


  • November 24, 2017
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Communication is the act of conveying thoughts from one person to another either verbally or non-verbally. This ability to transfer your thoughts accurately and effectively requires a special skill which every student must master. It is needed in all aspects of life whether personal or professional and determines your success in school, college, job interviews, presentations, etc. But some students find it difficult to have a conversation with others. They lack the confidence to initiate a talk and express themselves which may often lead to frustration and confusion. So never overlook this skill and start working on it as it is never too late to learn anything.

Here are some tips to improve your communication skills:

1. Always listen to others

Listening is an interpersonal skill needed for a good conversation and should never be taken for granted. Actively listening to others with full concentration is different from just ‘hearing’ them. When someone talks to you, always pay undivided attention to them as it avoids any misunderstanding. Try to know other person’s point of view and respond immediately for a perfect two-way communication. This also helps you in discussions and debates when you convey your interest by replying via eye contact or by simply saying ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

2. Work on the nonverbal communication

A majority of people judge you on the basis of your body language because you transfer two-third information through actions. Nonverbal signals include wordless clues such as expressions, eye contact, body gestures, postures, and even your presence. Never look down or slouch, instead always make an eye contact with the person you are speaking to as it ensures your attention. You may send out a wrong message if your body language does not match what you want to deliver verbally.

3. Participate more and more

One of the best ways to improve your conversation skills is by getting involved in various activities as much as you can. Never shy away from participating in debates, presentations or group discussions as this will make you comfortable in public and give you a confidence which is essential for building a successful career. The more you participate, the more you improve as you learn to enhance your speech and express better.

4. Promote yourself to read and write

If you read regularly, then it improves your command over vocabulary and your language. Furthermore, reading a newspaper and certain magazines keeps you updated with general knowledge which encourages you to give views and opinion in public. Writing is also an essential factor for communication as it prepares you to put forward your thoughts in a more expressive way.

5. Talk slowly and think before speaking

How and what you talk is very important for interesting and effective conversation. For this, you should always avoid jargons and select words correctly to deliver the proper message. Also, remember to talk slowly especially in presentations, debates and job interviews to make the evaluators understand your thoughts and convey your message clearly. Think and frame a sentence in your mind before speaking anything in order to avoid any mistake.

6. Ask questions and feedback

Never hesitate to ask questions from your teacher in a classroom if you do not understand something. Do not think about what others might think because asking questions gives you self-confidence. When you give presentations or debates, encourage feedback and questions from the public and answer them confidently. Accept positive and negative reviews with the same conviction. This exchange of views would make the process more interesting and motivate you to give more public appearances.

Communication is a prerequisite trait that every student must excel in. At the same time, paying respect to what others are saying is equally important everywhere whether socially or professionally as it makes the process complete. Hope, the above-mentioned points will help you to improve your conversation with others.

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