Why Is Quoting Important and How to Use It in Essays

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  • December 13, 2018
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Why Is Quoting Important and How to Use It in Essays

How to Put a Quote in an Essay?

Using direct quotes in an essay is a significant way to support your arguments or ideas with strong evidence to make it real. Moreover, it also supports the subject matter, to make your essay look more precise. If you want to do so, you must know how to cite quotes correctly, irrespective of the writing style. But, always remember to cite them in your document to avoid plagiarism. And for that, you must provide a reference page at the end of your document. However, only a few students know how to do proper quoting. If you too want to learn a proper quoting skill, then have a look at the steps enlisted by our essay writing experts. But, before that know its importance

Why Quoting Is Important

Quoting is important because it demonstrates your in-depth knowledge regarding the subject matter as well as it shows your readers that you aren’t just presenting your arguments, but also trying to make it more attractive. The work of other writers may be beneficial for you to present your work adequately.

Know How to Put Quotes in Your Essay

Now that you have understood the importance of quoting in the essay, it’s time to know how to do it. Here are the tips that can transform you from an amateur to a pro writer

1. Choose the Quotes Wisely

It is not so tough to select and use any quote for your document, but it doesn’t mean that you have chosen the right one to support your document. The selected quote must be relevant with respect to your arguments, so it's very necessary to find the accurate one.

There are basically two reasons why your quote doesn’t work, and they are:

  • Maybe the source that you’ve referred isn’t relevant for selecting the quote for your academic work.
  • Or maybe the quote that you have come up with doesn’t provide the actual evidence in support of your argument.

2. Make Use of Quotes From Scholarly Sources:

Scholarly sources like journals, articles, famous magazines, and books should be referred to pick any quote. Because quotes available on such sources are always appropriate.

3. Cite the Author’s Name and Year of Publication:

Whenever you make use of any quote or any piece of data, no matter from where you have taken it, always incorporate it into your essay with the author’s name as well as the year of publication. While citing and referencing, always check for the style. You should do it in exactly the way it is written over the sources.

4. Integrate Literary Quotes in Own Sentences:

It means directly using relevant words or phrase of any quote according to your need. In this way, you need not use the whole quote, rather you can use the relevant part of that particular quote. At the end of the quote, always do text-citation.

5. Explain the Quote After You Use It

Once after using the quote in your document, write an argument to prove its relevancy. A quote should only be used to enhance your work. So, every time you make use of a quote, write a sentence to show your readers why it is significant.

6. Use Signal Phrases

One more strategy you might opt for when quoting in your essay is to use signal phrases. Signal phrases help your professors expect a quote. They introduce the quote and provide context regarding it. Signal phrases act as traffic signals. They tell readers to slow down and pay attention to the information to keep the work cohesive.

Now that you have mastered on how to do quoting in the essay, so now you’re a pro. Although, to become more professional, it takes more hard work and practice. And if you fail to do, then never hesitate to contact the writers of Instant Essay Writing because slightest mistakes can degrade your grades.

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