Know How Students Can Save Their Time for More Productivity?


  • October 11, 2017
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More Productivity

College-goers often complain about lack of time and are often witnessed saying that they are not able to accomplish their academic responsibilities due to this. Well it’s true that college life is too demanding and there are so many things to do together that it becomes nearly impossible to devote time to everything. But even though all of us get the same twenty-four hours in a day, some students manage to balance everything right from studies, extracurricular, to spending time with family while others don’t. Read here to know some simple tips to save time every single day.

1) Keep track of your time

By measuring your time, you can access whether or not you’re spending it wisely. This will help you identify areas that need adjustment and focus on time wasters. Once you get the exact data about how many minutes you waste every day, you can make arrangements to use that time for more a productive purpose.

2) Amp up your unused time

Use the time that goes wasted every day efficiently. If you commute by public transport, then use that time for seeing an educational video on your Android phone or mugging up some formulas. Similarly, if you have an appointment with the doctor, go prepared with the list of things that you will study while waiting for your call.

3)Study in a distraction-free zone

Before you start studying, make sure there is nothing in the room to distract you. Shut the door of your room and put your phone as well as the laptop on airplane mode. Studying in a soundproof and distraction-free zone helps you to concentrate well. As a result, you can study more stuff in less time.

4) Do one thing at a time

Multi-tasking results in a significant loss of time. According to behavioral psychologist Susan Weinschenk, the problem is, you think you’re doing two activities together, but you are actually switching rapidly from one activity to another. This takes a lot of time for the brain to adjust. And, you also make more errors and suppress your creativity when you multitask. 

5) Seek help when needed

Many times you waste your time feeling hesitant about seeking help from others. If you feel unable to solve a problem or understand a concept, then ask your teacher or a friend to help you. Moreover, you can also take support from online educational portals that are active 24/7.

6) Make the right use of gadgets

The advantage of living in the present time is that there are so many devices and gadgets that can considerably save your time. You can take advantage of Internet to research a topic and can take the help of Apps to keep yourself updated with all important information. But, most students do not make the right use of Internet, and instead of using it for studies, they waste their time on social media websites. We strongly suggest you to stay out of this situation.

7) Learn to say no

College friends might be the root of time wastage, but you can tackle this easily. Tell your friends that you cannot help them as you already have some major tasks to complete. Maybe they find it rude at first, but soon they will get used to it and stop disturbing you needlessly.

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