How Can Students Frame an Excellent Essay Conclusion?


  • November 19, 2016
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How Can Students Frame an Excellent Essay Conclusion?

Though many students tend to disregard it, yet the conclusion of an essay forms an integral part of instant essay writing. In the conclusion chapter, the students need to summarise the entire body of the essay smartly. While writing a satisfactory conclusion of the essay, the students need to analyse the main points that have been discussed in the body of the essay.

The conclusion is the summarised form of the main idea of a particular topic. However, it is the toughest part of the essay writing for many college students. If you too are facing issues with writing an effective summary of your essay, you can take online essay writing help from ‘Instant Essay Writing’ to submit an excellent essay to your subject professor.

What is the Role of an Essay Conclusion?

It is important to have a persuasive conclusion for your essay. It is the last chance for you to leave an impression on the reader (your university professor). In fact, the conclusion should be the best part of your entire essay. The conclusion should convey the inherent message of a particular topic for which the essay is being written. The ending should be provoking and should lay grounds for some future scope. The end of the essay is therefore, the fundamental part as it should convey a sense of completeness. It should be a perfect closure to the main body of the essay.

What Should be Included in a Conclusion?

The goal of the essay conclusion is not to introduce any new ideas into the concluding paragraph, but to sum up everything that has been stated in the preceding paragraphs. A rewarding conclusion should be:

  • A brief description of the main analysis or the findings.
  • A supporting line to the thesis statement in the essay body.
  • Evidence to prove the main idea of the essay.
  • An interesting final impression to the readers.
  • Creating grounds for some future scope or findings.
  • A proper link to the introduction and the main body of the essay.
  • Concluding with simplicity by maintaining a balance throughout the essay.
  • Raising and answering questions like “so what” and “how if”.

Though different universities have specific structural guidelines for the essay writing, the students can enlighten themselves with a general idea of writing the perfect conclusion for their academic essay.

What Students Need to Avoid in Essay Conclusion?

An appealing conclusion could determine the academic success of a college student. It must be written with utmost care and precision to frame an impression on the reader’s mind. In addition to the necessary ingredients of a conclusion, the scholars must also be aware of what they should not include in their conclusion writing:

  • It should not summarise the entire essay as it would make it greatly descriptive.
  • Avoid the use of facts and figures in conclusion.
  • One should not include any new idea in the concluding paragraph.
  • The thesis should not be stated for the “first” time in the conclusion. It should be a re-statement of the thesis argument.

Besides the necessary traits a conclusion should have, the college students must also pay attention to the must-not-have of the essay conclusion.

Now, that you are aware of the do’s and dont’s of writing an essay conclusion, you should start practising the art of essay writing with patience and under proper guidance. However, if you still find it difficult to frame an effective conclusion for your essay, you can take online help from ‘Instant Essay Writing’ to submit a flawless essay to your university professor. Hope this blog helped you to get an insight into the conclusion writing tips of an essay.

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