Should Government Provide Free Childcare Facilities?


  • February 17, 2018
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Should Government Provide Free Childcare Facilities?

The daycare centers assist children in their early leaning as well as better development. Here, kids are given an opportunity to mix with other children and develop social skills at tender age. This is usually an expensive service to grant, and at times, for working parents it turns bite off more than they can chew. In cases when either of parents has to leave work due to their child, they become a burden on the government as they don’t contribute to the national economy anymore. Instead of making their own money and paying taxes, a non-working parent can become a drain on the tax system. Also, because of insufficiency of a skilled workforce that left their job because of this issue, productivity of companies as well as economy is adversely affected. Supporting the motion, here, our childcare essay writing experts have mentioned a few reasons that state why the government should provide these care facilities for free. Read ‘em!

Extensive demand for children’s daycare has emerged

On an aggregate basis, around 60 percent of American families need infant schools, because of numerous reasons. According to statistics, 56 percent of all the married families with children under six have both working parents. The employment rate of single mothers that are raising young kids is 65 percent, and that of single fathers is 83 percent. So if this has become a necessity of about more than half of the entire population, then the government should definitely acknowledge it.

Good childcare is usually very high-priced

Licensed center-based infant care is extremely expensive for most of the American families. In many cities, costs of daycare centers are a lot higher than the price of pre-schooling. Parents are usually sensitive to the costs and stresses of opting baby care facilities. According to a recent national poll, 61 percent of parents reporting week financial situations have stated expensive creches to be the most burdened economic problem. Parents also choose unlicensed providers that can, at times, be vulnerable for kids, however choosing an appropriate one is often out of their budget.

Government usually gets payback while spending on infant care

When the government assures of providing free daycare facilities, kids can develop better cognitive, social, and emotional skills. This, in turn, will lead children to do greater good as they progress through school and enter the workforce as adults. Consequently, they can get better-paid jobs that will increase the tax revenues. Employers also face substantial expenses related to employee absences and turnover caused by childcare breakdowns, and this would be reduced with increased subsidies for the same. So, in short, on giving allowance to such basic needs of a major population, the economy of the country can show a significant rise in future.

Young kids can be benefited the most

Apart from all the aforementioned points, the most substantial reason for providing free baby care facilities is ensuring overall development of the child. The government should take the responsibility of this age group as well. Being the most sensitive citizens, they need to be provided with proper care that can lead to overall development, irrespective of the diverse economic backgrounds they belong from. It seems completely unfair for young kids to be deprived of their basic nurture.

Infant care aids by the government not only support working parents but also improve the economic well-being of the entire nation. In fact, recent studies indicate that parent-child relationships can be improved by availing high-quality childcare facilities. For more such write-ups, stay tuned to our blog section!

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