Fallacies About Computer Science That Prevail in the Minds of Students

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  • January 17, 2018
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Fallacies About Computer Science That Prevail in the Minds of Students

Students who dream to grow exponentially in the field of Computer Science are often discouraged by people who believe in utter lies. The Computer Science essay writing service providers of the Instant Essay Writing have conveyed that it is because of these misconceptions, some scholars opt not to study Computer Science and give up on their dreams. But what those fallacies are? Read the blog until the end and get enlightened of the same!

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There will be recession in this field soon

How is this even possible? People will never stop using their computers, laptops, mobile phones, and smart devices, then how come this scenario will exist? Well, this can be answered only by those who believe in these and make others do the same.

This is too difficult for the average person

The matter of fact is everything seems difficult unless you start it! However, the students must be disciplined enough to work on learning required math, general problem-solving skills, and many others. Like any other field, there are ways to learn new techniques and gain expertise in this area as well. So, do not even think of quitting before trying hard.

There is no creativity involved in the field of computer science

Creating high-quality computing solutions is a highly creative activity, and computing supports creative work in many other fields. There is so little that is monotonous about software development. If such was the case, then those aspects of the discipline would have been automated years ago. Putting together a software system involves thinking creatively about the design, exploiting the best engineering practices, finding solutions to the existing problems, and maintaining a high-level vision altogether so that the product of outcome is as desired.

This is for geeks

This is a lie which is believed by masses. Today, the Computing professionals are athletes, medical professionals, game developers, business analysts, information security designers, and excellent communicators. They work and play at their workplace, and are valued members of society, and thus they cannot be called as geeks.

You need to memorize the syntax of the programming

Well, the flip side of this is true! You got to know the logical part rather than the syntactical. The reason behind this is you can get help with the syntax but not the logic. Moreover, when you’ll practice constantly, your brain will get hold of the syntax, and you need not put extra efforts for recalling the same.

Only a few people can understand and compose the codes

Yes, going through a multi-colored code that is long enough may scare you for a moment. But this only happens when you are an amateur! With practice, you’ll be able to code 800-850 lines easily. That is because they are just piles of code consisting repetitive statements, methods, and loops. Once you start getting the logic behind, you can easily go up to 10k lines.

Our job will be monotonous

Well, you always have the option to choose your profile. Being graduate with a degree in computer science does not mean you’ll have to undertake development only. There are a plethora of other profiles that you can opt for being in the IT sector. Once you enjoy what you do, there will be no boredom.

These were a few of many lies about the field of computer science that students believe. We hope that you’ll make a wiser decision the next time.

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