Amazing Facts About Planet Earth


  • November 16, 2017
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Earth Core

Earth is the only heavenly body that supports life in all forms. It also rotates on its axis continuously and revolves around the Sun in a fixed orbit. This is something that you might know already! But this blog brings to you a bunch of awesome and unknown facts about our planet that will astonish you to the core.

Please have a look!

You must have read that Earth takes exactly 24 hours to complete one full rotation, but do you know it’s actually untrue? The time taken by Earth to make one complete rotation is 23 hours and 56 minutes.

Earth is the brightest planet when viewed from space. Not because of the glowing bulbs and street lights, but due to the presence of water bodies.

The core of Earth is as hot as Sun.

The surface of Earth is hit by lightening almost 97 times every second.

Earth is the only planet that can experience a solar eclipse.

Earth rotates with a speed of 1580 kilometers per hour.

The surface of Earth keeps on recycling. Different layers of the crust melt and solidify continuously at the same time. Although it may take hundreds of years for you to walk on a brand new surface as it is a gradual process.

The lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth is -128 Fahrenheit.

The destructive earthquakes that are one of the most feared calamities on the planet are actually a consequence of imbalanced gravitational pull from the moon. So next time when you experience one, do not blame Earth, blame the moon!

The biggest mountain range in the world is not the Andes! Wondering why? Because the largest mountain range on earth is the underwater mid ocean ridge that runs almost 8000 kilometers from ocean to ocean.

The largest living structure on planet Earth was mushroom that had an area of 850 hectares.

The most active volcano on earth has been spitting out lava for the last 20000 years.

Even after centuries of research, humans have explored only 5% of the total active water bodies on Earth.

Earth is the biggest active magnet structure.

The orbital speed of Earth is slowing down every day.

There are no black colored flowers on our planet.

The celestial speed of Earth is more than 100000 kilometers per hour.

Earth is the most dense planet in the entire solar system in terms of crust volume.

Climate change on Earth is controlled by the moon.

Due to its static characteristics, Earth was believed to be the center of the whole universe.

The Deepest point on Earth is almost 10.83 kilometers below the surface.

The oceanic coral reef is even visible from the space.

Earth receives almost 95 tons of solar dust every day.

Hope you liked reading all these amazing factoids about our planet.

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