8 Interesting Facts About American Constitution

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  • December 06, 2017
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American Constitution

A constitution is a written set of rules and laws that govern the country, and all the citizens of that country have to abide by it. It contains established principles according to which a country’s government works and also provides basic equal rights to all the citizens. America has the oldest constitution in the world, it was written 228 years ago, i.e., in 1787 but ratified finally on 21 June 1788. This constitution divides the government into three branches; the executive(President), the legislative(Congress) and the judicial(Supreme Court).

Let’s read about some amazing facts of American Constitution:

1. Founding members

The committee that wrote the constitution includes Benjamin Franklin, James Medison, Alexander Hamilton, Gorge Washington, along with many other members. James Medison is known as the ‘Father of the Constitution” because he was the recording secretary and his notes were published in 1840. The president of the Constitutional Convention which lasted from 25 May 1787 to 17 September 1787, was George Washington.

2. Signature

There were total 74 delegates out of which 55 attended the signing ceremony at Philadelphia Convention, but only 39 delegates signed the constitution. The oldest member to sign, Benjamin Franklin also known as ‘First American’ was 81 years old and needed help to sign the document; he got teary-eyed during signature. Three of the members refused to sign, and two members i.e., Thomas Jefferson and John Adams could not sign the original document. Moreover, Rhode Island did not have its representative at the convention.

3. Spelling mistake

The constitution contains many spelling mistakes which still exist in the original documents, but the most prominent one is in the naming of Pennsylvania where it has only single ‘n’ in the word, but amendments are free from mistakes.

4. Amendments

The members who made the constitution also kept in mind the possibility of the future generation making changes in it, so they added the amendment process which is neither too difficult nor too easy. Any amendment has to pass with two-thirds of votes through the Congress, and after that, it has to pass with three-quarters of votes of states. Till date, there have been 27 amendments to the constitution.

5. No mention of democracy

It does not mention the word ‘Democracy’ even once. There may be certain reasons for that but the most significant is that America is a Republican country.

6. Shortest constitution

The American Constitution is the oldest and the shortest constitution in the world with only 4400 words. After the amendments and signature, it comes to 7,591 words with only five pages.

7. Last minute changes

The famous starting line of the constitution “We the people of United States...” was the last minute change in the document. It reads “We the people of states...” in the original drafts.


It has been put on display at National Archives in Washington D.C. since 1952. The display case contains argon gas with the temperature of 67 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve the documents.

We hope you enjoyed reading these fun facts about the Constitution of America and got to know your country better.

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