5 Ways to Compose Original Essay to Score Top Grades

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  • November 22, 2016
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5 Ways to Compose Original Essay to Score Top Grades

A brilliant university student always aspires to write an essay that stands out from the rest. Most of the students find the task of composing an essay quite difficult and seek help from experts. As all the students have been assigned the task of essay writing, and all of them have a similar mental level. The process followed to complete the essay might be similar. This makes the essay of the fellow students look very much like yours. Thus, to make your essay stand out from the crowd, you need to do some additional task. The professionals of Instant Essay Writing who are adept at assisting the university students in their essay have listed a few points that might help the college-goers in scoring the best grades by putting their efforts in the right direction. Let’s go through them:

Obscure Topic

Half of your work is already done if you are choosing a topic that is different. Well, this option might not be available to you if you have been assigned a topic already by your professor. In case you are independent of selecting a topic then you can opt for the one that is comparatively less popular.

Minority Opinion

The next step to get the top-notch grades is by supporting a minority opinion. However, do not support the negatives, but make sure you are writing about what a minor section feels. Well, this can be implemented even if you have been assigned a topic.

Read from Different Sources

If you prefer reading from the similar sources which are used by your classmates as well, then there are fair chances that you will end up composing a similar essay that everyone else has prepared. To avoid this situation, you need to filter your reading sources. By reading the exceptional resources, you would be able to draft an essay that not only has a different point of view but also contains different words.

Try a Different Structure

For this, first and foremost check your university guidelines. If you can follow a different structure in your essay, then try implementing this as well. Most of the students follow a similar approach to explain things and thus, their essay seems identical. To be spared from this, you can use a different structure to draft your essay.

Include Photographs, Charts, and Other Illustrations

As the saying goes, “one picture is worth a thousand words”, you can implement the same for your essay. Include some of the illustrations in your essay. Moreover, to explain the complex things by using pertinent examples and illustrations.

With extra efforts and thoughts, it is relatively easy to draft an essay that is unique from others. You will be absolutely surprised by the results of implementing these hacks.

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