5 Email Etiquette That You Should Learn By Heart

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  • September 27, 2017
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5 Email Etiquette That You Should Learn By Heart

Responding to an email too requires certain etiquette that we often fail to recognise and reply it in an informal manner most of the time. However, you should have the perfect knowledge of how to write an appropriate email and make use of right wordplay so that you do not end up writing something that would prove to be a great blunder later on. In this blog, we have discussed some of the important tips that would help you to know about the email etiquette better.

Here are a few of the email etiquette that you must check before sending out the final draft. Read to know more:

1. Be clear about the subject line

As you know that the inbox is often clogged by hundreds of e-mails every single day, it is crucial that your subject line should be to the point. Make sure that it is reasonably simple and describes accurately of what you have conveyed in your mail. Proofread your subject line and make sure that you send it correctly.

2. Write while keeping the audience in mind

Confirm whether you are writing a formal or informal email and work on it accordingly. Also, make sure that you are polite and do not use trashy or offensive language that might disturb the reader. Write in an understandable language so that whomsoever is reading it understands what you are trying to convey easily.

3. Maintain a balance between political thinking and productivity

Productivity shouldn’t always be the only consideration, having a political mindset matters too. For instance, you may know that you did not include that one person because you were trying to spare his inbox, but he may consider it as a sign that you were intentionally ignoring him. If you have a boss who has a wrong attitude, then leaving them out of the loop, even if no action is needed on their part, will appear as if you are trying to cover-up rather than saving the time on both the sides.

4. Introduce yourself briefly

Do not assume it already that the person whom you are contacting through e-mail knows well who you actually are. If you are not sure whether the recipient recognises your e-mail address or name, just include a simple reminder of who you are and how you reached out to him. On the contrary, writing a formal and a long biography describing yourself is not at all necessary. 

5. Recheck before your hit the send button

At last, once you are done writing the mail, make sure that you check for the grammatical errors, jargons, and inappropriate content once so that there are fewer chances for mistakes that you might regret later on. Always make sure that you reply the email within the set time frame without any delay so that you do not leave space for complaints from any aspect.

Hope you might have understood the importance of right email etiquette and would ensure about its correctness whenever you find the need to revert.

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