5 Most Interesting Easter Traditions Followed Around the World

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  • April 14, 2017
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5 Most Interesting Easter Traditions Followed Around the World

Almost every kid in the United States wakes up expecting the delivery of chocolate eggs and candies on the occasion of Easter. They grow up thinking that the Easter eggs that they get on the day are the gift to them by an Easter bunny for being good throughout the year. People perceive eggs and Easter bunny as a symbol of fertility and rebirth. While this is a norm in the America, other countries and cities around the globe celebrate this beautiful day in their own unique way. Listed in this blog are some of the Easter traditions that are followed around the globe. So let’s get started with them one by one. 

1. Haux, France

There is a tradition in this southern French town to prepare a giant omelette of approximate 4,500 eggs on the Easter Sunday which is big enough to feed about 1000 people. This custom came into being from an incident when Napoleon who was once travelling with his army through this town stopped to rest and ordered an omelette. He loved the omelette so much that he instructed all the townspeople to collect the eggs the very next day, and prepare the dish for his entire army. So, if you’re planning to travel during the Easter to this small town of France, then don’t you forget to carry a fork with you. 

2. Verges, Spain

On Maundy Thursday just before the Easter, the people of the medieval town of Verges carry out a traditional death dance performance which they refer to as "dansa de la mort". Almost everyone dresses like a skeleton and parades through the streets of this small town. The process ends in a weird way as the people who dress up as the frightening skeletons carry the boxes of ash. The dance starts in the midnight, and it goes on and on for about 3-4 hours until the dawn.

3. Washington, DC

In this capital city of the U.S, there is an old tradition to celebrate the Easter Sunday in the south lawn of the White House. There are various themes and games organised specially for the day, and the same has been carried out for about 130 years. The games and events such as egg rolling, musical chairs, crafts, etc., take place so as to provide some amusement to the children. Along with this, there are various other fitness featuring events to promote the benefits of healthy living amongst the youngsters.

4. The Czech Republic and Slovakia

Are you willing to travel to the eastern European countries on the occasion of Easter? If yes, then you should better keep a watch over your back. An old Easter tradition is followed here as the men spank women in the back with a handmade whip made of willow and decorated with colourful ribbons. As per the belief, the willow is the first tree to bloom in the spring and therefore, its branches are supposed to transfer vitality and fertility to the women.

5. Poland

There is a Poland Easter tradition to pour water on one another on this day, and it is popularly referred to as “Smingus-Dyngus” by the native people. Polish boys drench other people with buckets filled with water, squirt guns and anything and everything they can get their hands on. Furthermore, according to a legend whosoever gets soaked on this day is said to get married within a year.

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