Disadvantages of Technical Gadgets in the Life of a Student

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  • February 16, 2017
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Disadvantages of Technical Gadgets in the Life of a Student

Can students and gadgets coexist harmlessly or is it detrimental to their health and overall development? The verdict rests on the latter thought, yet many parents seem to be ignorant of the fact as they expose their growing children to the harmful effects of technology and gadgets. 

Albert Einstein stated that “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” This is a fact in today’s world, where technology and electronic gadgets have hijacked the lives of these young minds to a great extent. 

We, as an essay help provider, understand the consequences different gadgets create in the lives of a college-goer and therefore, we have come up with this blog. Read it to the end, and learn various ill-effects due to the irresponsible use of technology in the lives of the students. We have also mentioned the tips to help you prevent yourself from the negative influence. 

Affects Your Mind

Research suggests that the frequent use of technology can alter or disrupt the functioning of the brain. Students who continuously use search engines to find answers to their doubts lose their power of imagination and the ability to think.

Our experts suggest that you should be wise enough to decide when to make use of gadgets like computers and mobiles for your study purposes and when not, so that it doesn’t harm your creativity and thinking process.

Hampers Your Personal Space

You cannot live happily if you are living in the future or the past. Life is all about living in present and cherishing each & every moment. With the consistent use of mobiles and laptops, you spoil the joy of living in the present moment. Scholars are often seen busy with the e-mails, messages and social media feeds, that they tend to miss out the small joys in their life.

To ease your stress, you should take a walk for at least for 10 minutes on a daily basis without carrying your phone and admire the beauty of the nature that surrounds you.

Impacts Your Feelings/ Psychological Mood

Research has revealed that the overuse of gadgets and technology can also affect your mood to a large extent. Those students who spend long hours playing video games or in mobile phones and laptops, etc., are often less empathetic towards others. It is because of the excessive dependency on the technology which obstructs the emotional and personal growth of the young minds.

The certified writing experts who are working with us suggest that this retardation can affect the academic performance of the scholars and therefore, they advise them to give more time to develop their social circle and personal relationships.

Risks Your Privacy

Improper use of gadgets can bring many unknown risks in the life of a college-goer. At such a tender age, scholars often lack the ability to make the right decision in life. There are many cases of bullying on the Internet filed by the young students. This is a very risky affair, especially if you’re studying in a foreign country or city. It is suggested that you should be very careful while sharing your personal details on the social networking sites.

Obesity and Other Health Issues

Scholars are found busy watching television, or sitting in front of their computer screens for stretched hours. They do not spend time in doing any physical activity. These habits are the main reasons that are causing excessive body weight in the youngsters.

Wrong eating habits and excessive consumption of junk food are an addition to this concern.

It is recommended to the students to track the time they spend on the gadgets and minimize it to perform other productive work, such as exercising, meditation or simply taking a walk outside.

We understand that these changes will not occur in a day time. But you can try to make the positive changes gradually. We are not asking you to completely give up on the technology. Try to use it wisely. Being aware of the negative aspects can help you to lead a better life.

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