Seven Free Digital Tools for Marketing Students


  • February 19, 2018
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Seven Free Digital Tools for Marketing Students

Know about a few Handy Digital Marketing Tools

Being a marketing student, you need to adopt the best techniques for an effective implementation promotional strategy. There are various tools that can be used in online marketing promotions and evaluating sales. Most of these tools require a big budget, but there are still a few that are available for free. Getting at this, our professional writers of marketing essay have illustrated a few free digital tools that might help you gain a competitive edge in the virtual marketplace. Read ‘em!

Answer the Public

This is a free online tool and nowadays, has become an integral part of content marketing strategy. It is used for deciding topics and questions that are suitable according to primary keywords. With this, you can make your content answer maximum number of questions and, therefore, increase the ranking of your website.

While undertaking SEO campaign in marketing, keyword research is an essential task. With this tool, you can get numerous suggestions about keywords from various sources. It will further help you understand which catchwords to target in the content.

Facebook audience insights

This is an amazing tool for market and content research. On using this, you can view specific demographic information and analyze interests of the majority. This, in turn, will boost your marketing strategy by allowing you to create content that your audience would like.

Portent’s title generator

This can be used for generating ideas about the title of your marketing content. You just have to enter the topic on which you want to develop the subject matter, and this tool will automatically generate suggestions for the title.


This tool can help you analyze the entire content of a particular website. You just need to write your URL in search bar and proceed by pressing ‘GO.’ You can access a ton of information through this scanning tool such as duplicate content, common content, unique content, average page size, average page load time, internal links, external links, text-to-HTML ratio, etc.

Screaming frog

This is considered the best web crawling tool in the business industry. Using this, you can easily find broken links and the pages that fail to spot metadata. You can even audit the redirects and upgrade the position of a website.

Google keyword planner

If you wish to enhance your knowledge about pay-per-click campaigns, then this is certainly the best resource. It offers many opportunities for setting up Adwords campaign. Using its features, you can even analyze the traffic of a particular keyword and get the report about people searching for it since the past year. Competition level can also be checked using this tool, and you can also suggest the bid for any keyword.

These free tools can definitely help you add expertise to your online marketing campaigns. Have fun trying them out!

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