Ways to Beat Eleventh-Hour Dissertation Writing Stress

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  • June 27, 2016
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Ways to Beat Eleventh-Hour Dissertation Writing Stress

Watching the clock hands and waiting for a miracle to happen is indeed madness. However, students who attempt to write a lengthy piece of a document, i.e., a dissertation often do that. Dissertation writing isn’t a piece of cake; everybody knows it. So the hit of stress is apparent! But, making efforts to keep yourself away from the eleventh-hour dissertation writing anxieties is one thing that you shouldn’t avoid doing.

Here we have come up with some incredible ideas that will dampen the oodles of worries and stress that invariably appear when a final year college student begins the work of dissertation writing. To know the ways to beat the deadly pressure, read on!

Do Not Procrastinate & Create a Timetable

Does it sound interesting? So, if you have hit hard by the pressures of dissertation writing, then better you create a timetable. Prepare your schedule of taking mini breaks in between to unwind your mind. Creating a schedule and working accordingly will surely help you to avoid the nervousness of writing a dissertation and getting it submitted within the time frame.

Students often take tension at the last minute because they always start their work late. So, now you better start early. By doing so, you will never have any anxiety in your mind regarding the completion of the task in time. Procrastination is the foremost cause that gives rise to the stress. So, chuck out the word called ‘Procrastination’, and introduce yourself to ‘Now’.

Keep Yourself Calm by Doing Meditation

In the stressful times, one must make efforts to put the mind at ease. And one can do it by practising meditation or any other breathing exercise on a daily basis. Meditation not only helps to kick out the stress but also helps in improving the focus and concentration. We know you are indulged in so many activities altogether, but taking out time to live a peaceful and healthy life is equally imperative than submitting a dissertation within the deadline. So, better take out at least 20 minutes from the hustle-bustle and meditate to fetch tranquillity.

Eat Wisely to Tame the Stress

We understand the fact that you often wish to fill your empty belly with unhealthy fast foods. However, are you aware that intake of junk food and snacks could increase the stress? Eating fresh fruits and green veggies would be helpful in the situation when you are just quivering by the academic pressures. Stay fit, focused, attentive, and calm with the help of devouring nutritionist foods during the dissertation writing task.

Remain Positive

To live a successful academic life, it is essential for you to stay positive. Those who live their lives filled with optimism and hopefulness are less likely to hit by the stress. The positivity that dwells inside them always subdue the negative thoughts that cause stress. Life is short, so live it happily and don’t waste even a precious moment of it by living in fatal anxieties. Whenever you feel worried about anything, take a stroll, listen to music, talk to your loved one, or divert your mind by playing your favourite sport. A positive mind leads to a happy and fulfilling life!

Take Sufficient Sleep

Start the engine of a vehicle and leave it as it is forever and ever. What would happen to it? The poor engine will break down! Do you want it to take place with you? Of course not! So better give your mind and body a required amount of rest so that they can function smoothly and appropriately. A proper sleep of eight hours is a must for a hard working student like you. So, never compromise your sleeping time!

Hopefully, the ways mentioned above will help you throw out the eleventh-hour stress that invariably appears while writing a dissertation. If due to any reason, you do not feel like carrying out this task, then you can at any time approach our expert dissertation writers who work round the clock to assist the stressed out students like you.

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