Commonly Confused Words in the English Language


  • December 05, 2016
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Commonly Confused Words in the English Language

English language is not that easy to work with. Especially if you are not a native speaker and is given a lot of essays on the English language to work on. The experts of Instant Essay Writing have conveyed a few of the common confused words that most of the students and sometimes even the university professors get puzzled by. Take a read to know more about them:

Affect and Effect

Affect is a verb and effect is a noun. Most of the scholars get confused about this. If you too are one amongst them, then try replacing the words with ‘alter’ and ‘result’. If the word ‘alter’ fits, then use ‘affect’ else use ‘effect’.

Assure and Ensure

Assure means to tell someone of a certain event happening whereas ensuring means to guarantee or make sure that it will happen. You need to use these words accordingly so as to match the context.

It’s and Its

It’s is a contraction of ‘it is’ and its is a possessive pronoun that means belonging to it. This pair of words is usually confusing. To get this one right, you might need to read the sentences twice or thrice.

Loose and lose

Although both of these words sound similar; there is a huge difference in their meanings. ‘Loose’ means something that does not fit appropriately whereas the word ‘lose’ depicts loss of something. Use of these words vice versa can make the text extremely funny. 

Then and Than

‘Then’ is used when there is more to tell about a situation or a context. But the word ‘than’ is used when a comparison is being made. You need to be quite careful in using these.

Capital and Capitol

The word ‘capital’ has diversified meanings and it can be referred in many contexts such as letter, money, city. The word ‘capitol’ is a building where the legislature meets. Both of these have totally different meanings, and thus a mistake of a letter can transform the meaning.

American and British English

There are a lot of words that are written differently in both the accents. Some of these words are:

  • grey and gray
  • Defence and defense
  • Colour and color
  • Recognise and recognize
  • Mr. and Mr, and many more.

You need to select these words according to the university in which you are studying at.

These were the most confused words that are noticed in the academic documents of the students. If you want that none of your documents face rejections because of the silly mistakes, then proofreading is a must.

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