5 Common Grammatical Errors Student Make While Essay Writing

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  • November 09, 2016
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5 Common Grammatical Errors Student Make While Essay Writing

Even after spending years in school and constantly learning to write in the English language, grammar is still one of those things where a student can mess up easily. There are some grammatical errors which are bound to happen while essay writing, but one can omit them by being little more attentive. If you make too many blunders in your essay, it is directly affecting your grades. Therefore, all you have to do is to curate all of the common errors and work on them step by step.

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Listed below are some of the frequent grammatical mistakes that a student commit in the essay writing. Have a read:

1.Incomplete sentence formation and comparisons

During the essay writing, it is common for a student to write sentences that make no sense at all. The problem is either they make the sentences very typical to understand, or they include incomplete comparisons that don't provide the meaning to the reader.
For example, My horse is faster, stronger and better.

The above sentence is incomplete as it doesn’t provide information about what are you comparing your horse to.

Therefore, whenever you’re asserting anything in your essay make a clear comparison between the entities. If you fail to do so, your reader will not be able to understand what the comparison states.

2.Possessive nouns

Many students are unaware of the simple fact that where to put the apostrophe in the possessive nouns. There are basic general rules for that:
1)With the plural noun, the apostrophe will be after the s. For example, the teachers’ lectures
2)With the singular form of the noun which ends with s, the apostrophe will also be after the s. For example, the dress’ maroon colour
3)But, if the noun is singular and doesn’t end with the s, then the apostrophe will come before the s. For example, the dog’s tail

Use the simple concept in your essay writing, and you will never commit grammatical errors while using possessive nouns.

3.Dangling modifiers

This type of grammatical mistake is very common in essays written by college students. As the name suggests, these sentences make a hanging situation for the reader. Dangling modifier occurs when the descriptive phrase in a sentence formation doesn’t connect to the noun that immediately follows it.

To avoid such mistakes, it is important for the student to practice writing.

4.Misspelt words and homophones

Homophones tend to confuse even the best writers. In writing a college essay, it is important to pay utmost attention; especially, while using these similarly sounding words. Students are confused between usage of words like it’s and its or they’re, their and there, etc.

To correct such errors, it is advisable to students to indulge in more and more writing work and perform grammar check on the entire essay before submitting it to the professor.

5.Use of comma and semicolons:

Many college-goers cannot understand the concept of placing a semicolon. The basic rule to use a semicolon in a sentence is to connect the two independent clauses. Though, they could be employed as different sentences but are so closely related that they are framed in a single sentence using a semicolon(;).

Semicolons are also used to separate different items in a list where those items contain their commas themselves.

Commas, on the other hand, are used to separate different elements in a single sentence, independent clauses and an introductory word or phrase.

If the students wish to avoid these common mistakes, it is better for them to learn proper rules of grammar before writing the essay or any other academic document such as dissertation, lab report, assignments, coursework, etc. The above mentioned grammatical errors are the most commonly occurring mistakes and therefore, one should check them, especially in their academic documents.

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