Step by Step Approach For Writing College Application Essays


  • May 16, 2016
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Step by Step Approach For Writing College Application Essays

Have you ever thought why most colleges prefer application essays over online tests? They (online tests) would be more easily implemented, and results too could be calculated in an easier way. Still, this age-old admission strategy is still in practice, however with a few changes. The reason is essay writing reveals more information about student’s innate abilities, then any test ever can. Application essays are considered as a written proof of students’ strengths and/or weaknesses. Therefore, it is imperative to demonstrate one’s forte in their application essays. Since now you know the first pre-requisite of admission essays, you are ready to plunge deeper into this academic exercise.

Spend a good time pondering

As it goes with everything else, beginning is the most difficult part for essay writing. If you are about to write your first admission essay, then be assured, some serious brainstorming is on the way. And as a matter of fact, that’s exactly what you should do at this stage, i.e., deliberate brainstorming. Despite what everyone else say, it is observed that if we spend some time thinking about the task at hand before actually doing it, the results are oftener better. However, this you should do if you have some time left before submission. If you are running short of time, then start with the second step rightaway.

First draft

It is apparent that your initial thoughts would come up in a jumble, eliciting out every possibility of writing the main document. Hence, it assured that you need to prepare a draft, before setting out the real sail. The best way of preparing a draft is by letting loose the flow of your thoughts and simply writing, or yet better typewriting, them down. There is no need to make this draft look presentable. Treat it as the raw material, which will need much processing before taking the final shape.

Prepare the structure

Once you are done with the draft, take a new document and divide it into three sections, viz. Introduction, body, and conclusion. More often than not, most of the draft contents will go into the body part of your essay. At this stage, all you are required to do is determine the flow and then write it down in distinct paragraphs. If after deciding on the flow you come up with a paragraph or thought-line that sounds more introductory then simply put it in that section of your essay. And in case that does not happen, then you have to write that part distinctly, though, advisably in the end. Apply the same course of action for the conclusion part.

Read it

To your friends or family, or anyone else on whose feedback you can count on. Do so without making any additional efforts to make it sound more understandable. Once you are done with it, ask your listener, whether it makes sense to them. If not, you’ll know that your essay needs some changes before it looks readable. Take the feedback studiously and make all the required amendments, but without changing the entire outlook. Remember, this essay is supposed to show your traits not that of your good advisor.

Proofread it

When you get to the point where your essay starts making sense to your reader, and still sound like you when you read it, then be rested you have already reached to the last turn of your essay writing journey. Take this rest seriously, and try to forget about the paper for some time. You really need some break from your write-up so that the final stage can be completed flawlessly. It is evident that when you would read the document, without taking the required break, you will be more prone to overlook the real obvious mistakes. Your brain will fill up the gaps, since it is already aware of the basic idea of the essay.

It proves that breaks are important for efficient proofreading and editing. But if you are still not confident about your proofreading skills, take help from our admission essay editing experts and have your work done instantly. In fact, you can use our help in each stage of your application essay writing, simply contact us or place your order for real meager prices, and submit an excellent admission essay almost effortlessly.

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