Steps Toward Building Your Own Mobile Application


  • June 08, 2017
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Steps Toward Building Your Own Mobile Application

University students who are either technologically sound or have the ambition to be an entrepreneur are often learning new skills that might help them in future. Learning to code your mobile application is easy, only if you follow these baby steps toward building your application. You must be feeling curious to know the steps, don’t you? Read the blog given by the experts of essay writing that will enlighten you of the step-by-step procedure of developing your mobile application.

Let’s get started!

Define your wish

When you initiate, you can let your mind wander and play like a small kid without being worried about anything. You need not know how you will code the application, just create a clear picture of what you want to accomplish and understand the purpose and goal of developing the application. So before turning on the computer, take a pen and paper and write answers to the following:

      What exactly will this app do?
      What problem will it solve?
      Why will it be interesting and distinct for the users?
        How should it be named?

    Research the markets’ needs

    Clear goals will not be enough for your progress; you need to understand the market. Take a look at App Store of both Android and Apple to review the top charts and analyse because your app will become an epic failure if you go beyond the needs of the customers. As there are innumerable apps, creating something new might be difficult. But don’t be afraid that others too are working on similar kind of projects, just make sure that you are learning their key features and bugs. Use this info to your advantage.

    Identify key areas

    To develop a successful mobile application, you need to be clear on a few grounds namely:

    Target users identify your audience so that you can continue with further procedures such as marketing. You need to understand that you cannot design an app for everyone, there will be a particular group which will be benefited. So focus on that section only.

    Other concerns that should grab your attention are the specifications that would be ideal for the app’s performance, design and other legal aspects.

    Start coding now

    Now that you know all the aspects, start coding your application. Many professional coders will code your app for a fee, and you will be saved from the hard work. In case, you are designing and coding the app all by yourself, and need some help, then too you can take assistance from the widely available coders who will fix your issues in return for a price.

    Make your account and test your first version

    The app stores of Android and Apple only allow you to upload your application when you are a registered user. This requires a few bucks, however, read the terms and conditions properly so that you can save yourself from legal traps later. For testing, you can gather a group which tests every nook and corner of the app, or you can leave it to the beta tester (users who use the app and report the bugs. They are later rewarded for the same).

    Publish your app and get ready for the real fight

    Publishing requires a proper plan. However, keep in mind that the experts will review your app but not immediately when your app is being published on the Google play store. Moreover, your app is added instantly making it ready to download. But in this case Apple play store is different, they review your application before publishing, and it takes approximately a week’s time.

    Get started to work for the next version

    Once your app has gone live, you’ll have an idea of the real value of your mobile application and the scope for its future expansion. Start working on it, also have an eye on the user’s review. It will help you improve drastically! And, you’ll be able to understand the broader picture.

    Hope that now you are aware of the steps that you need to take to develop your own mobile app.

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