4 Tips Through Which You Can Boost Your Internet Speed

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  • April 20, 2017
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4 Tips Through Which You Can Boost Your Internet Speed

Having an efficient Internet connection is a vital component of the fast pace life that we are living. Being a college student, you cannot afford to buy slow speed and poor connection Internet service as it can be a frustrating affair. A scholar has to work on various academic documents during their scholarship career, and therefore, the Internet is the basic requirement to conduct all the research for the essay writing work. If you wish to increase the speed of your Internet and also maximise the performance of your web-connected devices, then you must read this blog to the end.

1. Run a speed test

A lot of free speed test tools are available online that can help you to track your Internet speed. This action might require you to download a few plugins to run the tests. Performing different tests might give you varied test results, but you can conduct 4-5 sample tests just to find out the average result. This method will help you to compare the speed results against what you are paying for. If you do not find satisfactory results, ask your service provider for help.

2. Turn off your modem, and then switch on again

At times, a simple reset can significantly increase the speed of your Internet. You just need to turn your router ‘off’, and switch ‘on’ again to see if that’s helpful. Make sure that you know your login information before performing the reset because there may be a case where your system requires you to re-enter the user information again after the reset.

3. Change your Wi-Fi channel

If many people in a building or flat are using the same Wi-Fi channel, then there might be a possibility of loss of Internet speed. In such case, you can use a program such as KisMAC or WiFi Scanner for Mac and inSSIDer for Personal Computer to scan for the channels that are not populated. Switching to a different channel will reduce the interference and possibly, increase your Internet speed.

4. Move your wireless router or computer system

If your system is connected to a Wi-Fi router, poor signals can be the main cause of lower speed and dropped connection. In this case, try to move your router closer to your computer, and by doing so, you can experience a boost in your Wi-Fi signals. You should also keep on upgrading your router for better performance as the new routers can offer you improved connection and speed.

Also, check for dirt, dust or loose cables as they can significantly reduce the speed of your Internet. Make sure there is proper ventilation around all these electronic components as it can prevent your system from overheating.

We hope you will follow these tips and they can help you to give a boost to your Internet speed. If due to lack of resources and tight submission deadlines, you are unable to draft your essay work, then you can take help from the experts of Instant Essay Writing. We provide the best essay writing help at the most affordable rates.

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