9 Most Bizarre Laws in America

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  • November 27, 2017
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Crazy American Law

Laws are the set of rules made by the state court and need to be followed by every citizen of the country. They are fairly enforced on everyone, and the community is expected to respect them as a responsible citizen. Their purpose is to protect the right of every individual and breaking them is punishable by police and court through fines, penalties or jail sentences. In many countries, the main source of law is religion or religious books like Bible, Vedas or Koran.

But there are times when you hear about certain rules, and you find them weird or hard to believe. They make you laugh or even wonder, and America is not far behind in having such crazy laws. Buying cheese on a particular day, kissing if you have mustache, cutting a cactus are not allowed there. Well, these were just a few examples from the list of such laws. Let us take a look at nine most bizarre laws in America:

1. In Arizona, donkeys are banned to sleep in a bathtub. The story behind this is that in 1924, a dam broke, and the town and surroundings were flooded which took away a rancher’s donkey along with the bathtub who had a habit to sleep in it. A lot of manpower and resources were used to rescue it. Soon after that, this law was enforced.

2. In the 1800s, a man in Connecticut sold rotten pickle to a customer who got offended and complained to the authorities, who then suggested a tip that a pickle must bounce when dropped from 1 feet height to check if it is eatable, otherwise it won’t be legally called as a pickle.

3. According to a law in Florida, which came to effect in 1920, if you tie your animals like camel or elephant in a parking area, then you will be charged for it just like for your vehicle. So, next time you tie your animal to a parking meter in Florida, do not forget to get the ticket for it.

4. If you are a minor but want to drink “sip and spit” alcohol, then you can get enrolled in a culinary program in Illinois. Yes, it is legal there as it is required for taste training.

5. Do you love sending surprise food to your friends? Well, this can cost you with a fine of $500 in Louisiana. That is right, sending pizza to someone without their knowledge is considered as harassment there. Next time, better cross check the address or inform your friend before placing a pizza delivery order.

6. There is a law in New Hampshire which bans you to harvest/pick seaweed or rockweed from any of its beaches. Actually, some farmers used to collect them from seashore as they are considered great fertilizer for crops, so to give everyone an equal chance, it was prohibited only at night. In a contest, where middle school students were asked to vote the oddest law that should be repealed “the seaweed law” won.

7. Sharing Netflix password can be a criminal offense in Tennessee. In July 2011, an order was passed which states that if you share your username or password for the sites which stream music or movies, then it would be punishable under the law. The main aim behind this is to stop hacking or illegal music trafficking. So it's better not to share your password with your friends then going to jail or paying $2500 penalty.

8. In Chesapeake, Virginia, if you are above 12 or going out after 8:00 p.m. for “Trick or Treat” on Halloween, then it would be considered as a crime. You can be fined $25 to $100/maximum six-months jail or both in the former case, and $10 to $100 or maximum 30 days jail or both in the latter.

9. This one is quite peculiar rule which states that a woman needs written permission from her husband if she is opting for false teeth in Vermont. This may not be enforced in many parts but remains in the state law.

This was our list of top nine odd rules and laws of America. Make sure not to break any of them or you might end up in jail or paying penalty.

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