Five Biggest Scientific Mysteries That Are Still Unsolved


  • November 09, 2017
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Scientific Mysteries

The last few decades have been pretty good for scientific inventions and discoveries. But, while it seems that we have already covered tons of them, there are a lot of mysteries that need to be solved. Here we present a list of vexing scientific conundrums, which have confused researchers throughout the world and left them wondering:

Source of cosmic rays

Our earth is constantly being hit by high energy particles from outer space called “cosmic rays.” Although they pose a neutral impact on humans and other creatures on our planet, they have taught us a lot about astrophysics. But, the originating source of these particles is still a mystery. Moreover, we don’t know how these particles get the incredible amount of energy. Some theories say they might come from the supernova, i.e., the stage when a star explodes at the end of its life. But, that has not been proven yet.

Science of continental drift

This theory was first proposed at the beginning of the sixteenth century and stated that the continents are in a continuous state of motion replacing their position every day by micrometres. Later on, this theory was refined into the “Plate Tectonics Theory” which says that there are tectonic plates on the ocean floor that move slowly while separating the continents over millions of years. The mystery is that what actually caused these plates to move. There have been many speculations regarding this, but there is no scientifically proven answer.

Heart of black hole

The black hole is one of the most celebrated objects in astrophysics. Scientists describe it as region of the space with such strong gravitational fields that even light cannot escape from it. But that opposed the theory of optics and gravitation. In fact, Einstein’s theory says that light deflects its path under the influence of a strong force of gravity rather than getting absorbed. Till date, many black holes have been observed, including a supermassive one at the centre of our own galaxy. But, the mystery of what occurs at the heart of a black hole is still unsolved.

The immortality of some jellyfish 

Some jellyfish shows unique features, i.e., they can reverse the aging process. This allows them to heal their injuries and survive under all adverse conditions. These species of jellyfish never die. If we are able to know even a few things from how they can accomplish this, we can potentially use it to fight diseases and organ failures.

Origin of life

Although there are a plenty of postulations related to the origin of life on the earth, scientists have not been able to detect the exact reason. It’s often related to RNA’S ability to act both as a catalyst and hard drive to store genetic information. Moreover, there are many theories on the process of evolution i.e., how life developed on the earth, but scientists have still not found the theory behind the creation of first living cell. 

Science has done the terrific job of answering some of the most difficult questions, but these mysteries still need an answer. Hope some of us will find them one day. 

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