Four Benefits of Law and Order for Students


  • December 26, 2017
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Benefits of law and order

Law and order is one of the most important features of the modern world. The reason why it stands tall is because it’s equal for everyone, be it rich or poor, minister or peasant or anyone. As long as you are a part of the society, there are a few laws that apply on you as much as they do on your neighbors, and you must abide by them.

Without a proper legislature, the bullying members of the society will turn situations to anarchy. Given are the benefits of law that prevent that from happening.

1.Protects us from violence

When almost the entire world is at the gym, it’s understood that a few of us are eager to pick a fight. Problem is, people don’t really know when to end it. Soon as a fight starts heating up and takes a physical form, the policemen have to prevent it from getting worse. With steroids up their mind, the bullies, sometimes, themselves ask for a sentence in prison, and law & order gives them that.

2.Eliminates child labour

We took a step back in evolution when we exploited children to work for us at low wages and no job security at all. If we think about it, it sounds exactly like slavery, for children don’t develop a mindset till certain age of time. Till that age, they learn from their surroundings. If the people that surround them treat them bad, they imbibe the behaviour and may turn into a bad person when they grow up.

Law protects such children whose childhood is on the brink of being stolen. In some countries, law also provides them with the provisions for education and stable livelihood.

3.Spreads awareness in society

A society is made up of people from various castes and religions. Some of the individuals are educated, the others need to be. By education, we mean the knowledge of the basic etiquette that one must have to qualify as a good human being. Law spreads awareness amongst the people and tells them the ways to behave proper socially amongst the others who may have different beliefs.

4.Monitors the transactions

We all know how people are susceptible to forget the basic algebra when it comes to exchanging money for goods, or goods for money, for that matter. For years, members of legislature have been working on rules that corner such frauds. In the next step, they are taken out, charged with a felony, and forced to spend their life in jail with rest of the frauds.

Law plays a major role in shaping the society today. We must not be afraid to ask help from the police when needed, but to make a false allegation is also a completely wrong choice. Make sure that when you turn to the law for support, revenge should not be the only thing that bothers you.

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