5 Tips That Can Make You a Better Novel Writer

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  • April 27, 2017
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5 Tips That Can Make You a Better Novel Writer

Several students carry a passion for writing, painting or singing, but merely carrying an artistic temperament cannot make one an artist. You need to fail often, and then try again before making it big. As someone has rightly said that, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” Ignite a flair for writing and be ready to be remembered for decades to come even after facing a dollop of embarrassing rejections, painful criticism or mockery.

The essay writing experts working with us have listed some of the points that can help you be a renowned writer some day. So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Don’t write linearly

Don’t just set out to draft a document from beginning to end. Although a story is meant to be read from front to back, it is not necessarily that it should be created that way. If you can think of an idea to write the middle chapter first, then start then and there. 

The epilogue or conclusion can even be the first thing to pen down your thoughts, and then you can work backwards. The chapters that are scattered or left in between will eventually be filled in, and then it can even help you to view your story from different angles. You’ll be surprised to see how well this idea works when all the chapter of your book starts coming together. 

2. Try and be your editor 

There are days where a writer can face difficulties in writing altogether, so during that time it is better to switch to editing your work rather than trying to create something. Don’t think that it is someone else’s work to fix your mistakes. Proofread your document, find out all the errors, and then deal with them one by one. The more you polish and refine your work, the more favorably it will be received by your readers. 

3. Seek inspiration from your surrounding 

Are you stuck and finding it hard to get any new thoughts for your novel? Then, it is time to look for some inspiration around you. Look around, check some artwork, trending music, go through the writings of a great writer, admire the sky of the night or the stars, etc. Various potential stories are happening around you every second, and you just need to catch yours and start scribbling it. It is always better to carry a journal and pen with you so that you never miss an exciting idea. 

4. Disconnect on social media networking 

The use of social media and technology have become invasive in our lives. We cannot imagine our self without Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or just the Internet in general. Although, it can be a good source for you to promote your work, build a brand and have an online presence. But with these little benefits, you will be affecting your work. Social media leads to procrastination, waste of time and distraction to a high extend. Students are not able to unplug these networking sites for a long period. So, if possible try to cut down your access to these networking sites and spend time to novel writing. 

5.Read a lot of books

If you are really willing to be a famous story writer, it is wise to read a lot of useful publications. Spend at least an hour or two to reading. This will help you to expand your thought process and will also increase your vocabulary. You can also create new ideological beliefs if you continue to pursue this reading habit. Do not just study a particular genre of your choice, include a lot of different styles and patterns in your reading.

We hope you will try to induce these habits in your routine and will work towards becoming a renowned writer someday. If your pending assignment or essay writing work from the college is making it hard for you to find out adequate time for your novel work, then you can connect with the experts at Instant Essay Writing. We have experienced and skilled academic writers who can help you draft a perfect piece of an essay in no matter of time.

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