Apps That Every College Student Needs to Have


  • January 30, 2018
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Apps for college students

Nowadays calling is not an individual purpose for which mobile phones are used. Various applications are extensively used for different purposes that not only include studying, but also a variety of other tasks, from personal to entertainment. If you are a student and searching for software that could help you through college, then Android, Apple, and Windows have some amazing products on their shelves. You might have many considerable apps, but there are still a few that you should make use of. Here, our essay writing experts have mentioned some mobile applications that you should try:

1. Your University’s App

If you’re university scholar, then keeping up with the events going on around campus can be difficult. Therefore, to ensure you stay updated with all the happenings, you can check out your school’s app. It probably has all the information you need hence, you don’t have to run around seeking important dates or upcoming events you can find everything at your fingertips!

2. EasyBib

With this application, you just need to tell what kind of bibliography you wish to write and it will create the citation in that way. You just have to fill in the form defining the criteria you want. However, if you want an easier experience, you can just scan the physical copy of textbook and the app will create the bibliography according to that.

3. Mint

Managing money while in college can be a struggle; devoting time to your classroom responsibilities and to your social life can affect your savings.Mint is a budgeting app that can help students to keep track of their finances, as well as help them understand where any budget cuts could be made. Mint securely connects to your bank account and helps you in managing purchases. Isn’t that amazing? It saves the time of entering every purchase into the app, and helps to categorize your transactions. The app also determines ATM withdrawal fees, which serves as a reminder to avoid such useless expenses in the future. So, with Mint you can manage your budget more efficiently.

4. Duolingo

If you need to learn a new foreign language, then Duolingo is the best application. This free, language-learning app offers many languages. It works by helping you set goals each week and learn different skills, which enables learners to move from the basics to the complex sentence structure.

5. My Fitness Pal

For most students, staying healthy while juggling the personal responsibilities and academic commitments is one of the biggest challenges. By using this app, you can keep track of the calories you are consuming, which allows you to make decisions about your diet. The app can also help in keeping track of how much you’re exercising, as well as your water intake. So, this can be very beneficial for health.

6. LiveSafe

Wherever you go for your college, your safety should be a priority, and LiveSafe helps students to prevent sexual assault and violence. LiveSafe even has a feature called “SafeWalk” that enables a GPS feature to help friends and family locate you in case of any emergency.

7. Headspace

Whatever your schedule is, you should always take care of your mental health, and for that you can take a break for few minutes after each hour you study. Whereas, for the students who want to improve their mental health, not just maintain it, the Headspace app is the perfect platform. It acts like a personal trainer for meditation, which just takes a few minutes each day to guide your brain towards developing self-motivation.

These were a few trending applications which you can make use of during your college days.

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