A Complete Guide To Write A Good Interview Essay

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  • January 10, 2017
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A Complete Guide To Write A Good Interview Essay

An interview essay explores the varied perspectives on a topic by using evidence from the interviews with different people. Writing a traditional essay is very different from writing an essay based on an interview.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to write this type of essay in an efficient manner.

Preparing for the Essay

A lot of preparation work has to be done before writing an interview essay. After deciding the topic for the essay, you should determine the person whom you’ll be interviewing. After deciding the interview figure, do some basic research on the type of questions required to be asked in the interview.

Conducting the Interview

It is very crucial to have an understanding about how to conduct an interview and what questions are to be asked during the interrogation process, as an interview essay is based on the examination conducted by the author of the essay. Do not forget to take the notes while carrying the interview. Or else, you can also do a recording so that you are more focused on the conversation. When you are interviewing, give that person sufficient time to answer and explain the question.

Organizing the Interview Notes

Read your notes again, or listen to the recording of the interview. Organize the reasons given by the person you have interviewed into a logical order. Some of the possible ways to do that could be:

  • In the order of importance, from least important to most important.
  • List the positives first, followed by the negatives and vice-versa.
  • List the reasons you disagree with, and then the ones you agree with.

As you organize your notes, do keep in mind what the reader would like to read about the interviewed person.

Creating an Outline for the Essay

Once you are done with the organisation part, you should select two to three main ideas from your interview. This will form the main theme of your essay or the content of the body. Now, plan the outline of your interview essay based on the logical ordering of the reasons. You can stick to the following format:

Introduction- It should contain information about the interviewee and the situations which led to the questions in the interview.
Body- Here you should discuss the topic and follow the order of reasons as stated by the interviewee in an organised way. Make sure that you use quotes, and draw appropriate connections between the reasons before coming to any conclusion.

Conclusion- This part should reflect the opinion of the interviewer about the topic in general, and also his/her perception about the specific answers given by the interviewee.

Writing the Essay

Once you are done with the outline of your essay, start writing it according to the assigned word limit and as per the university guidelines.

Remember, the main aim of writing an interview essay is to reveal the personality of the interviewed person to the readers. Therefore, be very careful while selecting the questions and drawing conclusions out of them.

Hope that the above tips will help you in writing a scoring interview essay. Still if you are facing any problems with your essay writing task, then contact our customer support staff now, and take the professional help from our academic writers who are adept at writing essay on a wide range of topics. We, at ‘Instant Essay Writing’, provide online essay writing services to the students who need help with their essays.

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