Six Gifts Students can Give their Friends This Christmas


  • December 22, 2017
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Six Gifts For Christmas

Christmas is here fellas! You and your friends must be planning to exchange gifts and throw parties, for everyone loves to have fun and nobody says no to a gift. However, if you haven’t planned anything to gift your dear ones, here’s a list of some useful gifts they will enjoy for a long time.

1.A binge streaming stick

Cable television is now the thing of past and Binge is the future! All of our favourite shows are on online channels like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. Some of them are free while the others aren’t. A binge streaming stick solves all such problems. It provides the owner an access to around 300,000+ shows from various channels. A few sticks are designed to be used as smart television as well, and that too without a surcharge. Go for those sticks!

2.Fenty Beauty makeup sticks, by Rihanna

Everyone knows the pop-star Rihanna and her product line which goes by the name ‘Fenty Beauty.’ If your lady friend is a big fan of Rihanna, then get her these technologically advanced makeup sticks. These sticks are magnetised in a manner that would stick together and won’t get misplaced in the bag. So, in case, your friend is forgetful of her stuff, this gift will make a perfect keep for her.

3.A gaming controller

We all have friends who never buy a PlayStation, neither a controller for PC gaming. You know they are missing a lot of fun. As the controllers are the prerequisite of every racing game, gift them one, so they never go back to play NFS and Hitman using a keyboard and a mouse.

4. An iPhone

Everyone’s buying an iPhone. Gift your friends an iPhone, and they’ll remember you while making calls. It has good camera quality and pretty fast processing speed, too. In an addition to that, iPhones are stylish and crafty - two qualities every college student wants to have in their phone.

5.Item tracker devices

Due to our busy schedule, we often fail to remember keeping some of our important personal equipment at the right place. It happens to you, and it happens with your friends too. Keys and mobile phones are two of the most common things we forget most frequently. Gift your friends with the new item tracker devices so that they can tag their belonging’s location on an app and never lose them again.

6.A pair of Nerf guns

A quite significant distance, two bean bags, Nerf guns for you and your friend. And, there you will have a battlefield ready in front of you! You can practically spend weeks trying to fight cross imaginary borders or shooting artificial zombies with your friends with this device. There’s a lot you can do with these toy guns, just remember not to lose the plastic bullets in a swamp. Happy Hunting!

Spend some time with friends that matter to you the most. It doesn’t really matter what you gift as long as the idea of buying a gift came from a good place. This Christmas, make sure your friends have fun. Go out and party at the coolest pubs and make this festive season count for every loved one.

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