6Cs to Avoid Misunderstanding While Communication

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  • June 14, 2017
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6Cs to Avoid Misunderstanding While Communication

Communication is the most important tool that you can use to explain or to delegate any task to others. In the process to enhancing productivity and progress, we need to communicate, be it in the form of E-mails, presentations, or any other. Thus, it is crucial that there is no misunderstanding between the sender and receiver. The experts helping the students with their essay writing task have conveyed that although they(scholars) have access to the best medium, many times they fail to deliver an error-free message during verbal or written communication. This may lead to conflicts and other undesirable circumstances. 

If you want to be spared from the conflicts which are the resultant of inefficient communication, then read this blog written by professionals and get enlightened of the 6Cs necessary in any type of interaction. 

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The message you are trying to convey either via written or verbal form should be crystal clear. It should focus on one thing at a time instead of pointing to multiple possibilities at once. Also, use the words that are familiar to others or the traditional terms, instead of complicated phrases and jargons.


The message to be conveyed should be free from factual and grammatical errors. The fact and statistics mentioned in any message should not be misleading because the correctness plays a vital role in avoiding misunderstanding while a communication is going on. So, if you want to avoid conflicts, then avoid vague facts and figures.


Concise means brief. A concise message is the one that has minimum words which are not redundant and convey a complete and meaningful message. The advantage of the concise message is that a listener pays attention to the entire thing rather than figuring out what is important and what’s not. This saves a considerate amount of time of both the sender as well as the receiver.


It is important that the communication should be complete. Incomplete messages can easily be misunderstood, and thus while communicating, always make sure that you are providing all the relevant information to the receiver. All you have to do is, answer the who, what, where, when, and how of the situation that you are mentioning.


Another situation when misunderstanding occurs is when there is no consistency in the message that is being delivered. The receiver should understand the message, and this only happens when the message lays focus on one thing and does not go off-topic very often.


The courtesy brings in positivity to the message. If the receiver is well aware that the sender is polite and courteous, they(receiver) will try and understand the message with a positive mindset instead of misleading it to conflicts.

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