Follow 4 Essay Writing Tips to Score High Grades


  • May 04, 2016
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Follow 4 Essay Writing Tips to Score High Grades

Essay writing is not a cakewalk for many students. If you’re someone who is looking for the simple steps that can guide you well to do this challenging errand, then you’ve knocked at the right door. Essay writing is definitely not something which can be done without putting much effort but reading this post will surely help you understand how to go step by step to bring out an effective college essay.

1. Selecting a Topic

There can be two conditions whether your university professor assigns you the topic to write an essay on, and other is that you get the leeway to pick a topic of your choice. We are sure you liked the second one! If the topic is assigned to you already, then the scope is limited, and you have to work by keeping your focus intact on that particular subject matter. But if you need to select the topic, you have to undergo an extensive research and brain storming. Determine your goal first, is your intent is to inform and educate your readers? If yes, then pick a topic that is interesting enough from a reader’s perspective.

2. Jot Down the Findings

Once the topic is selected, the next step is to do an extensive research about it. A careful study and examination of your essay topic is essential to support your argument. You can fetch enough of relevant data from the online sources, college libraries, books, magazines and journals. Remember that the sources for the collection of data must be reliable. Once you garner all the necessary data, make sure you prepare a rough document of it. It is always better to create an outline beforehand so that drafting a final document will not be a strenuous job for you.

3. Focus on Writing the Body

This is one of the most important parts when it comes to drafting an essay. It is highly advisable to start writing the body when you’re done with your research. You will have to begin with giving a brief introduction of your essay so that the reader gets an idea about your topic. Each paragraph included in the essay must be written by keeping readers in mind. Hence, you must never use jargons and phrases that are difficult to comprehend. Make sure that the information you provide must be authentic and genuine. The font you use and the structure you follow are also the biggest factors that determine whether you’re going to score rewarding grades or not. So, never take your essay writing task for granted.

4. Write Your Conclusion & Proofread Your Essay

The conclusion is just like writing a climax of a story. It has to be worth reading and enjoyable. To conclude your argument, you must provide a final perspective of your essay. Your job isn’t done yet! Now is the time to proofread your entire document to pick the mistakes you unknowingly have made while writing an essay. As a delicious cake is incomplete without a perfect icing on top of it, an essay is incomplete without proofreading. If you find any grammatical errors and mistakes, quickly correct them.

Hopefully, the points stated above will help you do your essay writing task with ease. Congratulations in advance! As we know, you’re going to rock it.

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