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Introduction to Tourist Destinations

Tourism industry is been a very potential industry, it has ability to sky rocket any country Net income and it also increases the brand image of the country. Tourism influences the country worth on global basis. It also tries to stabilize the economic conditions of the country (UK Tourism facts and figures. 2013).Under this report it has tried to summarize some of the most important tourism industry. The report has covered some of the most important aspect, selection of different tourist destination Gibraltar and New Jersey and compare and contrast with Northern Island, UK. It has also tried to introduce a new tourist destination Whitechapel, UK. How it can be an effective tourist destination for the rest of the world (Peter, 2011).


A. Analyze those identified tourist destinations based on visitors numbers and income generations

The statistics has been very quantitative evidence which has made it true about the tourism industry is in very charming and booming phase. The prospects have been very promising for the country and the tourist as well. The New Jersey is among is populated into 22608 square miles and consist of 19.8 million people and voted as rising tourist place to visit among various articles and travel shows. But the statistics give a different message about the place, the economic statistics shows that the tourist arrival has been very responsive in 2011-12 by 100000 thousand tourist arrived. In-spite of recent government overhaul, moderate income, average employability and lack of security among tourist has created moderate revenue in 2010, but looks like government has taken serious initiative to turn that out.  Same is with the Gibraltar; is spread across 2.6 square miles with a population of 30000 and even the place is worth a look but due to its poor legislative styles, and improper communication and Insensitiveness, people are of Spanish culture but still from outsiders are arriving it has arrived 189000 in 2011 from 150000 in 2010.  This in turn has caused huge deficit in tourism industry (Petia, 2004).

B. Analyze those statistics provided to determine tourism destinations trends for the three destinations

Northern Ireland has increased its tourist arrival from continuous years 2010-12 (2012-14.3 Million), a good expansion has been seen in this country, therefore New Jersey and Gibraltar has shown similar response in those areas as well NJ-11.2 Million and Gib-1.70 Millions in 2012. This shows that, a rise in the tourist arrival due to disposable income and country’s GDP are putting their best effort to promote their country as tourist friendly     (Record tourist boom boosts London. 2012). The Statistic shows that they are two types of statistics, represents overnight tourist and arrivals. In both cases the tourist number has been the highest (Burns, 2008). The arrivals have been rise to 2.0 % from 2012 (1.02%-2011). Gibraltar is also been a very famous among the tourists, there also same trend is going on with the number of tourists has been mounting to a very good; the earnings are in billions in 2012. The revenue generation also proves that Northern Ireland and New Jersey are doing exceptionally good than Gibraltar because they are still on very much developing new parks and museums to cater tourist interests and recent trends.  Tourist expenditure is also an important measuring tool for  higher income from conveyance like air, sea and land combined, as because it has very decent exposure to various means form every corner of world with number of means, which concludes that high number of tourist exposure (NI- +1 %; NJ-10%; Gib- -1%) Gibraltar is running behind in this sector because of inadequate tourist connections. Based on room occupancy, it is evident that the tourism sector in all 3 cities is fairly working. In case of Northern Ireland, the income generation has also showed some fluctuation in their tourist income very marginal change over 3 years (Wen, 2001), but remaining two are shipping good tourist.

The visitors who come to Northern Ireland is receiving higher number of tourist year by year, as geographic locality is spread across on the 1.12 square miles with a population of 1.81 million and consists of people of many religion..   The statistics shows in similar way that there is been a huge percent of 10.2% hike in arrivals. The countries like Asia, North America, Middle East, etc like countries are approaching to visit this fantastic city. All These factors are so figurative that it reflects a clear crystal image of that the city is growing as the tourism sector is growing (Mawforth,  2008).

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A. Analyze cultural, social and physical features of the new tourist destination Cultural:

Tradition: Whitechapel is a small town, which has a diverse background of cultures and tradition. IT has been a part of both World War 1 and World War 2.The signs of that historic war series can be seen here. White chapel is surrounded by lush green and in midst of an environmental core of London. The Whitechapel name is given to the town because of Chapel is of St. Mary. The cultural values of this small town are very much diverse and mesmerizing. The Vintage style roads and retro styling of homes and scenic beauty surrounds this small town, which made this place more memorable (Youell, 2000). 

Attitude: The people of Whitechapel are very much friendly and outgoing too. They have a rich background of culture and tradition. They are not all aggressive and fond to see that their town also get recognized and became famous like other cities.

Ideologies: They have very similar ideologies about their town; they find their town very much different, because it has a classic and old styled church and other good weather conditions. The historical attractions will definitely attract the eyes of tourist.


History: Whitechapel’s history is very much known to London. Whitechapel is very well known for its crimes and criminals in 18th and 19th century. For half of its century it remained poor and ad suffered great loss in Times of World War II. 

Demography: Demographic features consist of people who will be visiting Whitechapel. White chapel is more like aged and family goers or who are in pursuit of religious journeys’.

Language: Basically the language is spoken English but there is also a huge number of Bangladeshi citizen are also residing in Whitechapel (Charles and Seabright, 2001).


Aesthetic Beauty: Aesthetic beauty of Whitechapel is very much unique and fresh from other tourist destinations. The city was completely destroyed due to being a part in the world war. But after 20th century, it has been renovated to build new building and other parks, which has created some curiosity for catching the eyes of the tourist.

Accommodation: Accommodation facility for the tourist t has been done to accommodate most number of tourists in this place. Varieties of hotels have been opened to cater different range of prices. 

Climate: The climate of Whitechapel is very soothing and best for the tourist, as this is located at the heart of London, it has relatively very similar, so they can visit Whitechapel when they come to London.

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B. Compare and Comment with Leading Tourist Destinations 

Leading tourist destination New Jersey, Gibraltar is way classier and better than Whitechapel in every way. Whitechapel is in very early stage or it can be said that more in fledging state, there is still need of improvement and infrastructure facility are still need more work, to compare with such worldwide destinations. There are various places to see in New Jersey, and Gibraltar. Gibraltar has been a part of World War II, the Tunnel which has been created to transport soldiers and supplies to other areas safely. For museum fanatics, they even have a museum for the collectibles and artifacts. The Tourist destinations, has everything for everyone, the region is also surrounded by a coastal areas; the beach lovers will love this place (Gjerald and Oggard, 2010). On the contrary, Whitechapel has very scenic beauty and lush green areas, but they don’t have any coastal regions, no special parks or nature reserves, for the tourist attraction they have a Whitechapel gallery, City farm and few church will be some of the major attractions is found in Whitechapel. The city also has a brewery farm; brewery farm will interest people who are keen to explore wine or beer manufacturing. All this are very nimble attractions to lure tourist to this destination. The Whitechapel community had to come up with more vibrant ideas and infrastructural strategies, to attract more number of customers (Ready, 2002). Whereas New Jersey has very much to offer to its tourist, it surrounds the best o beaches and St. Brelade’s Bay Beach is one of them. Jersey War tunnels are renowned for its underground hospital made by Germans and Plemont Bay is also famous for its scenic outback beaches. If you are the one who wants to visit a wildlife park, Durrell Wildlife Park, Trinity is the place. It also covers tons of museums and cathedral like Jersey museum and St. Matthew’s Church.


A. Compare Current leading Tourist destination UK with developing Tourist destination

Leading tourist destination Northern Ireland is been used as a bench mark in tourist destinations, it has no match for any other country. UK government has given special emphasis on the tourism department and tried to create a destination so exquisite that, every tourist must come to UK once, and explore the city by themselves (Clow and Kurtz, 2003). SS Nomadic, the birthplace of Titanic’s sister, Crumlin Road Gaol, renowned for keeping ferocious criminals, Ulster Museum known for its Irish artifacts and St. Malachy’s Church, the oldest cathedral of Belfast. The beginning of Alternate tourism is also a new attraction for the tourist to visit that city. They have stated new forms like Cuisine, Sports, Historical and Religion based tourism are best favored by the tourist.  The city is also well connected with adjoining countries too. Tourist, who is visiting to acknowledge the mix of history and present events, made that country a spectacular point to visit. Tourist can come for long or short duration and they can enjoy the lush beauty and ground breaking landscapes are mesmerizing In case of Whitechapel, it is a new city which is setting themselves as a new tourist spot for the inbound tourists. But the issue is that they are not at all ready to be promoted as a new destination. People who are interested to see Whitechapel, due to its infamous history and continuous been in middle of World War. The city has been under attack during these world wars. The city was completely destroyed but it has also damage to the old chapel and ruined the city. The city has few to give to its visitors; they have to build which can catch eyes of the tourist, and make a distinct image n tourism industry (Youell, 2000).

B. Evaluate characteristics of Whitechapel

Whitechapel has been a very decent tourist attraction for visitors, because it is a new and fresh tourist destination. St Mary’s chapel and an old brewery farm will speak Whitechapel’s legend. The population of Whitechapel is been very decent population and they’re very cool and friendly. The climate of White chapel is very ambient and it has summer with cool breeze. The people are very keen to communicate the vast cultural diversity and history which is associated with that. The ease of conveyance is very easily available, the city is connected with a majority of conveyance facility, like bus and it is also connected to two international airports even. The Serene beauty is very enjoyable. Even London government is also has made some changes an included Whitechapel as a most visited tourist destination for the rest of the world. The area is also famous for some of the most significantly incidents of mass murders and been a centre piece in the events of World War series. The city has tried to provide both combination of heritage and Culture both in one hand for the tourists. The visitors who are interested in religious tourism, they must go for this place. The Negative aspect is may also affect the appeal of lace, as they are in very amateur stage, and most of the tourist do not know about that place. Been connected to a very popular place, no way a tourist must neglect this place, as it speaks the history and civilization of England (Charles and Seabright, 2001).


A. Issues affecting Popularity of tourist destinations

Northern Ireland is a land which is occupied with attractive Blue peaks, desolate moor, mazy lakes and white sands, an inland sea. Actually it is considered as a huge city. The land has many geographical beautiful places like Belfast Zoo, Mourne Mountains and Belfast castle.  The growth and development of tourism in Northern Ireland has been reduced because there some issues arises such as political conflict, lower airline connectivity etc. The major issue is related to political conflict in the nation. This issue was raised when independence is granted by the Spanish and French people to them. They separate the island and divided the Irish people by imposing a different identity (Middleton, 2007). 

Another issue is related to lower airline connectivity. This issue is raised because of government’s low involvement towards the tourism industry. On the other hand, Gibraltar is also facing many issues in its area of tourism development such as terrorism threat, the impact of recession and low sustainable tourism development in the country. New Jersey is known for its Jersey Shore, Turtle Back Zoo, and Liberty State Park. The place is still in its very niche stage, it needs to develop their tourist attractions in order to achieve that, they have come u with a theme park King-da Ka.  

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B. Discuss the potential of Two Destinations (NJ and Gib)

There is a need to take initiative by the government in order to develop the tourism sector in these two locations. There has some assistance is required from the governing bodies in order to eradicate the recession issue (Hong, 2008). By increasing the transportation system as well as development of road and air transport issue of the low connectivity of New Jersey could be eradicated. Apart from this, to resolve the issues related to terrorism, there has needed to take actions by government such as providing security for residents as well as tourists. If these challenges overcome then the nation can increase the benefits from the tourism sector. They can also increase employment opportunities from the tourism industry for local residents. It will also give a positive impact on nations per capital income (Keller, 2007). Gibraltar can also be a leading tourist destination based on the potential outcome and vivid ecosystem and cultural diversity can entice many people and therefore it can also be listed in desirable destination.


From the above report it has outlined some of the most important factor of tourism sector, the growth and development of tourism has been highlighted in the above report (Pigram, 2000). The impact of different tourist destination affects the growth of the country and affects the revenue of a country. The report has tried to summarize on the part of emerging new tourist destinations. First section has tried to highlight a compare and contrast on three leading tourist destination Northern Ireland, New Jersey and Gibraltar, which has shown some of the most promising tourist destination. The tourists are keen to discover new tourist places (UK Tourism Statistics. 2013). The cities has discovered some of the most prominent attractions like tunnels, nature reserve, Biodiversity places, a range of coastal regions. The next part has showed light upon a new tourist destination Whitechapel, which is a budding new destination, to be explored by visitors (Winckler, 2000).


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