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Writing term papers has never been an easy task. Many students are still confused with the sheer requirements of the term paper. Term paper format and citations are difficult enough concepts to be understood by any student. However, by taking proper assistance from term paper writers, students can solve all their worries.

At Instant Essay Writing , one can easily acquire the required help from the most sought-after writers. With an excellent team of over a hundred and fifty professional academic experts , we are able to provide the ideal online essay writing help with term paper.

So, include yourself in our strong client foundation and simplify your approach of achieving your academic goals! Learn about how to hone writing skills to present your ideas succinctly and the proper format of term papers , so that you can distinguish yourself from your peers with a positive limelight.

Standard Term Paper Format For Assured Improvement In Grades

Most of the scholars are unable to score high despite all the efforts they put in their term paper writing . More often than not, the inappropriate term paper format is the reason, students in college and high schools fail to score high. In order to help the students to tackle with this seemingly menial error, our expert writers have devised a template for term paper help, a glimpse of which is given below -


Unlike many other academic assignments a term paper almost always begins with an abstract. Write a few lines as a summary of your paper. The word length of abstract ranges from 700 to 2800 words, depending on the complexity of the term paper topics. In any case, try not to exceed it to more than a page’s length, when written in 12 pt. font size using 1.5 spacing standard.

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Do not treat this section as the summary of your term paper. As the name follows, the content in this section should be written with the sole objective of introducing the term paper topics and subject mentioned in them. There is no word-limit about this part, however, it is obvious that Introduction’ should not cover more than one fifth part of the whole write-up.


Though some students prefer to write the methodology section nearer the end, a standard format suggests to write it just after the introduction section. Doing so enables the reader to understand your term paper more easily. While writing the term paper methodology ensure that you have mentioned all the tools and methods you have used for the purpose of data collection.


See, what we meant with the flow of reading. Writing methodology right after introduction would make it imperative to succeed it with the ‘findings’. With this direction of term paper format intact, it will appear more like an essay then a complicated write-up, of course, without hampering the needed complexity.


In this part, you will have to provide some arguments or supporting facts about the results of your research. Write about the common derivations of the research and finish it with a concluding thesis statement.


Be careful about this part as it may carry as much as the ten percent score of your complete project. Use the exact citation guidelines, as were provided by your faculty, and do not use any fact or data without referencing its source here, not unless you want to get your term paper disqualified on the count of plagiarism. After references, finish off the document, i.e. if there are not any other appendices required.

Evidently, now you know why you have lost the chance of acquiring top grades despite all the high-quality content you have submitted; the term paper format discussed above is the plain explanation for that. But if you are still confused about the structure, take a look in our free sample paper. Our writers have provided a few term paper example documents to aid you further. However, the best alternative for you would be to avail our paid services. We will provide you a custom written term paper which will assuredly take you on the way of scoring high grades.

Remarkable Term Paper Topics for Remarkable Compliments

It is clear that if you fail to compose good term paper topics, the chances of success goes down miserably. Whereas with powerful topics, you can even cover your weaknesses pertaining to writing skills. But picking out a fine topic is task easier said than done. Many a times, you will find yourself stuck in this beginning phase of term paper writing. Though it is always recommended to take writing assistance of our professionals in such cases, you may also help yourself with these term papers topics.

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  • Government regulations over the use of information technology.
  • Working of the largest search engine.
  • Conscious evolution.
  • How Marijuana’s benefits outweigh its disadvantages?
  • Increasing inclinations towards psychological disorders like Anorexia.
  • Modern civilization tendencies leading towards rebellious catastrophe?
  • The rising awareness about Steroids’ evils.
  • Is cyberbullying much different from social media criticism?
  • Social media’s effects on interpersonal communication.
  • Is media encouraging gender discrimination?
  • Medical researches going against animal rights.
  • Misleading censorship.

These are the trendy topics that may help you to kick-start your write-thinking process. But if your term paper topics have to be more subject specific then only expert guidance can help you out, of which there is no lack at Instant Essay Writing. So, stop idling around; writing a great term paper is going to take some time. Therefore, the sooner, the better. Place your order now and avail yourself the benefits of being a member of one of the leading academic assistance organizations.

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