Sales Planning and Operations

Importance of Sales and Planning Operantions in an Oraganization

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Sales and operations planning is the process or a tool which are used for making balance between two important forces of the market that are Demand and supply for planning approximate sales and production volume decision based to that. It should be done by the company on yearly basis or in 18 months. Various functions related to the planning for production volume and demand determination are focus of the company on their aggregated volume for making master plan for the future period (Fransoo, Waefler and Wilson, 2010). Their determination can be done on monthly basis for finding monetary units.

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This report is about role of personal selling for a Automotive company who indulge in selling of environment friendly cars and making overall marketing strategies for it. Moreover it includes the application of selling strategies and their principals for the product of the company. The sales and operation function is about planning of the sales activity for the product or services in the market.


1.1 Explain how personal selling at Environ-Cars Ltd supports other promotional activities

Many of the marketing tools are used for the promotion of the product of the company. Sales person uses company's information, own manipulation techniques and product attributes knowledge for convincing the customers for selling their company's product. The company Environ-Cars is producing environment friendly cars by modification in other cars in the market. This is the new concept, many people does not know about this or they do not believe on this. So, the company needs personal sales force for making customers aware about the environment friendly cars (Dougherty and Gray, 2006). Personal selling depends upon the personal relationship of the company to their customers.

The personal selling have their application in the area of promotion to provide information to the customers, to differentiate the product from other products, for increasing sales of the company (Burrows, 2012). Further, it is also used for stabilizing sales and to add value in the product. The sales force is playing important role in the organization as it is the promotional activity which depends upon the manipulation power of the sales person.

They also help in differentiating product from the other similar product on the basis of their attributes. This is the way of meaningful communication between the sales person and the customers for establishing distinction of company's environment friendly cars top the other company's car (Burrows, 2012). It is used for increasing and stabilizing the sales. The main function of the sales team is to add value in the product in the form of repair services and warranty programs.

1.2 Compare buyer behaviour and the decision making process in different situations with special reference to Environ-Cars Ltd

The buying behaviour of the customers depends upon the their needs and wants for the particular product and service. This behaviour depends upon the decision making process of the customer and their financial conditions suitable for their priority of needs. The company Environ-Cars are providing environment friendly cars which are using renewable energy resources rather than non renewable resources such as petrol or diesel (Sheldon, 2006). This is the new concept in the market and a revolutionary step towards environment saving and climate change condition. This concept is unique in the world of automotive industry.

The only need of the company is to convince and make aware common people about this car and this will help in growth of the company by generating revenue as well as environment. So, buying decision process for the car involved various steps such as finding needs and wants of the customers (Dougherty and Gray, 2006). It is the process of recognition of the problem of the consumer about their vehicle.

This includes finding functional and social need of the customers about their vehicle. Then comes the information search by the customers in the market; in this step, company can get active for promoting their product (Wallace and Stahl, 2010). Afterwards, it is the step of alternate evaluation of the attributes of the cars and the availability of the different model of cars. This will lead to ultimate purchase decision process of the finalised car which is having maximum features of the customer's need. Further, comes post purchase and then finally purchase of the product.

1.3. Analyze role of sales teams in overall marketing strategy for Environ-Cars Ltd.

The role of sales team is playing very important role for selling the product in market. Other functional department planning also depends upon the sales force assumptions. Sales force is communicating customers directly and finding their needs and demands. They are responsible for maintaining long term relationship with the customers of the company and retaining them for the life time in their organization

The role of the sales team in Environ-Cars are related to finding future needs for the customers, uncovering their specific need related to particular product or model of a car, determining their satisfaction level for the product, finding factors which are satisfying the customers most and the factors which are the reason for their dissatisfaction along with future projection for the company.

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The role of sales force also includes retaining existing customers and attracting the new ones to the company. The sales force is a medium of connection between the company and the customers. Company's whole image also comes in the hand of sales representative and their way of promoting the cars. Other department's strategy planning for future also depends upon the future demand trend given by sales representative.

Research and development department plan their work according to the needs determined by the sales person. Production department plan the production capacity or volume of the company on the basis of demand estimated by sales force through directly contacting with the customers (Meyr, Wagner and Rohde, 2015). Marketing department will plan their strategies according to the sales force. Moreover, Finance department prepares financial chart for near future of the company which depends upon the demand estimation curve. As a result, sales force is playing a significant role in the growth of the company.


2.1 Explain how sales strategies are developed in line with corporate objectives

Sales strategies are developed for selling products of the company in the market. The are concerned with the thinking of the company to do something big and audit the team for future concern (Pepe, 2015). The strategies for selling the plastic disposal includes change in design of the product for the convince of people and being different from the competitors. It starts with the planning of corporate objectives and finding estimate for the future production and sales. It is related to the estimation of financial position of the company and the plan for near future.

Marketing department function depends on the trend for near future. The organization could use personal selling, advertisement and printed advertisement. The strategies which are used for selling the plastic disposals are differentiating the products from other company in their attributes and characteristics, by treating weakness of the company as strength like plastic is a non renewable resource and it damages the environment than this weakness can be changed into strength by saying that this plastic disposals and their wastage can be recycled.

The other strategy which can be used by the organization is to motivate the sales force to aware people about various uses of plastic utensils by extreme confidence like plastic utensils or disposal can be used by the person who are in hurry and they do not have time to sit. They can take their food with them by use of this comfortable designed plastic disposals. Moreover the company can use their sales force as their brand (Ganesan, 2015). The sales force behaviour to their customer make the company's image in the market.

2.2 Explain the role of an Organization’s recruitment and selection procedure

The role of recruitment and selection of the company for increasing their sales force and sales manager is for enhancing the growth of the company in terms of revenue. Recruitment plays an important role is the company's success as they are responsible for hiring loyal, knowledgeable, adaptable and confident work force or sales force in the company. The role of recruitment playing in the organization is saving the cost of the company (Hansen and Grunow, 2015). By hiring right people for the right position is the part of effective recruitment ans selection process.

They will plan the strategies which are in the interest of the company to make it productive. The other roles of the recruitment ans selection process is for hiring people which are having strong work ethic and his dedication towards their work (Mangkuharjo, Hidayat and Wee, 2015). The selection procedure for hiring the sales force they can use is determination of the company for the pre decided skills and experience for the selected position. They require a person who already worked in selling of fast moving consumer goods.

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Also the person have knowledge for the supply of the company and properties related to the plastic company (Reuter, 2015). They should be able to talk in the same language as in the people of the firm speaks. It could be seen as cross functional because the planning for sales force and operation is depending upon the many function performed in the company such as sales, inventory, production, finance and marketing.

2.3 Evaluate the role of motivation, remuneration and training in sales management

Effective motivational factor can improve the performance of the sales force. The strategies formation and future demand estimation depends upon the motivating and boosting the moral of the sales force (Kilger, Reuter and Stadtler, 2015). There are various factors which can motivate the person and enhance their performance are financial incentives, recognition and rewards and chances for growth. The other motivational factors includes pension schemes for securing future of the person and their family, by providing canteens and leisure facilities, use of company car and phone, computer facility and range of payments methods.

The sales force can be motivated by these factors and the company can use these forces to boost employee's moral (Wortzel, 2015). This will leads the enhancement in performance level of the company. Remuneration is also the part of motivation factor for the employee which includes praise and recognition, esteem and status to the employee or sales person, a sense of belongingness to the team, challenges and chances of opportunities, self realization, compensation and advancement.

Training is also used for boosting the performance level of the employee which are in the form of enhanced skills level, improved motivation, reduced cost, fewer complaints, higher job satisfaction and higher sales (Schneider, 2013). This will also enhance the performance level of the person in the organization. The performance level of sales force will directly and indirectly effects the growth of the company in the market and it will help in making image of the organization in customer's mind.

2.4 Explain how sales management organize sales activity and control sales output

Sales management team can organize sales activity which is developed for attaining the goals and objectives related to the company. Hiring of the internal sales force for the company will allow it to easily control sales force (Bowman, 2011). Planning of strategies related to the objectives of the company depends upon the particular criteria such as time and money. They firstly decide the enhancement of financial level of the company within a particular time period.

They could use short-term forecasting, medium term forecasting and long term forecasting for the company. They are according to the objective and goals of the organization. firstly the company find estimated demand for their product in near future by the help of sales force than they will decide the approx estimation in near future. Than depending upon that company will plan long term plan. This long term plan can be broken into half yearly or quarterly basis. According to that the company will plan monthly target for the sales force.

The short term plan is the tool which are used in day by day operation and this can be enhanced by adding more value to the communication and behaviour of the sales person. This short term plan is used for continuous monitoring of the sales operation for finding their performance output of the sales person.

2.5 Explain the use of databases in effective sales management

The database by the sales force is concerned with information that is used by the company for estimation of the future strategies. Information regarding the information of the customers, their buying behaviour, their purchasing habit and how they pay bills are included in databases (Dougherty and Gray, 2006). Sales and marketing function are very quick acting activities in which the person have to be prepared all the time about the information of every product when the customer want it (Ingram, 2012). The company can suffer from the loss by delaying in the process of information flow.

Sales database is the bunch of information which are having a well arranged information divided on the basis of a particular customer. They are having the information of emails, phone calls, message and billing address (Meyr, Wagner and Rohde, 2015). Their ordering patterns of the customers, like and interest of consumers, the kind of product they prefer, their economic and social status and their peer group is also comes under the category of database collection.

It is used for arrangement of informations in a particular pattern. It makes the company able to design the demand pattern for near future and designing strategies according to that. The database also used for finding the demand pattern of the customer and need of change in company's product.


3.1 Develop a Sales Plan for any ONE category of New-Look’s core product-line

Women of all ages are interested in buying outfits for different occasions. There is the lots of scope in market for selling fashion wears for women (Fleischmann, Meyr and Wagner, 2015). They choose variety of colours for different occasions and events like for workout they choose dark dresses. So there is the wide scope for the fashion outfits company New-look in the market. the sales plans for women outfits are designed into below mentioned steps.

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Determination of mission and objectives of sales plan: In this stage, Lew look determines mission and goals of sales. It include increase in sales of women outfits in new emerging market, increase in market share and development of long term relationship with consumers.

Evaluation of present market conditions: Different kinds of market related factors are evaluated such as demand and supply in clothing industry, pricing of products, life style of consumers and growth of market (Gray, 2007). On the basis of this information, business entity can offer good quality of cloths for women with economic pricing that would attract consumers in new emerging markets.

Identification of key performance indicators: It can be determined as one of the most important section of sales plan. According to this section, management of New-look address various key performance indicators such as increase in sales volume, improvement in profit, growth in market share and awareness among consumers about products of new look for assessment of outcomes.

Development of strategies: In this section, management considers demographic and psycho-graphic segmentation approach to assess target consumers (Schneider, 2013). Furthermore, clothes of New-look can be positioned with different kinds of marketing tactics such as social media, newspaper and various traditional and non traditional tactics.

Implementation of strategies: With reference to aims and goals of firm, business entity considers women consumers belongs from average life style as target consumers. In order to increase awareness among target consumers about wide range of outfits for women, organization has adopted aggressive marketing plan with the help of various advertisement tools (Kilger, Reuter and Stadtler, 2015). All these elements are playing significant role in order to increase sales of firm.

Evaluation of outcomes: In the last stage, outcomes of different strategies associated sales enhancement process can be measured with the help of key performance indicators like improvement in sales, growth in market share etc.

3.2 Investigate opportunities for selling internationally into any one emerging market

If the company New-Look move to international market of Singapore, they will find a great opportunity for their business. Singapore is the country for travel and tourism. They have really strong infrastructure and offering various opportunity to the foreign business for commencing in their business in Singapore. Firstly they have exempted the tax duties to zero percent for any foreign business (Kilger, Reuter and Stadtler, 2015). The foreign companies can start their business in Singapore easily. For fashion clothing business this country is having many opportunity for it.

Singapore is the nation of various religion. the people over there is having wide ranges of choice for selection of their outfits. So any business related to the clothing and outfits can develop their business easily over there (Wortzel, 2015). The company can get access to new customers over there, they can gain cost advantage by lowering cost in international market, can diversify their business to the other market, expand their business and develop the growth rate and market share of the company.

They can also take the advantage of technology advancement over there. The company can gain the advantage of off-shoring in other country for making profit in international business and running their functions at low cost in other cheaper nation.

3.3 Investigate opportunities for using Exhibitions/Trade-fairs

Trade-fairs and exhibitions can be used for promoting the products and services of the company. The company New-Look is offering fashion outfits in the other foreign countries by using retail stores can use these strategies for promoting their company in foreign market. The trade fairs and exhibitions can help the business in the means of demonstration of the product to the customers of foreign country by face to face contact (Wortzel, 2015). By participating in trade-fairs and exhibitions, managers of New look can assess wide range of opportunities in new emerging markets. For example: If New-look wants to expand its business in India then local exhibitions and fashions shows help managers in identification of fashion and clothing trends so as company can offer clothing products as per the lifestyle and needs of domestic consumers. Along with this, these tools can be used by organization to present special image of company along with its products.

This approach is very effective for New-look to test new emerging market and plan for launching in that country (Schneider, 2013). This approach is very effective to gain attention of target consumers in new market conditions. It gives the chance to the company for finding customers need and want and their taste for the outfits. They also gives the opportunity for networking in other country. This is the place where the company representatives may meet customers of the product and suppliers of raw materials in that country (Meyr, Wagner and Rohde, 2015). Now it depends on the company choosing the right trade fair for their cloths exhibition to the market of foreign nation. On the basis of information assessed from trade-fairs and fashion shows, business entity can select an efficient product range for new emerging market. This tactic is also suitable for pricing decisions of company.


The sales planning and operations are concerned with the process of strategies planing which are related to the representing products into the market and selling of the products and services to the customers. This is about the designing sales activities which are related to the particular core product of the company into the market.

The various roles of a sales representative in the company is related to making effective performance of the company in the market. Personal selling is the tool which are used for making competitive image of the company in customer's mind by directly communicating with them. The whole report is about the various operation related to the sales planning and their implementation.


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