Room Division Operations Management

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Intorduction to Room Division Operations Management

Room division and operations management is one of the significant parts of the high rated star hotels as these services states about the overall structure of the hotel. For delivering better and enhance services to guest and customers it is essential that hotels should effectively organize their room division and operations management (Hassanain, 2009). In this current report services offered by the hotels and impact of contemporary management on the hotels is discussed. In further addition to this performance regarding the accommodation services is also discussed along with some techniques to measure the occupancy and rooms services.

Understanding Services Provided By The Room Division In Diverse Contexts

Discussing accommodation and front office services for different organizations

There are many similarities and dissimilarities between four star hotels and five star hotels. For discussing the accommodation and front office services for different organizations two hotels are chosen one is Legendary a five star hotel and second is The Cavendish which is four star hotel of London. Regarding the accommodation and front office services of five star rating hotels, they provide the ultimate luxuries and sophisticated services regarding the services of accommodation (Anderson, 2012). While in their accommodation facilities of Legendary Hotel their rooms are accommodated with luxuries such as granites, double vanities electronic systems etc. In their front office they have their staff works until their guest walk in and till they depart from the hotel and their staff works for 10-14 hours in a day. In the same way in four star hotels their accommodation facilities are full upgraded and stylish and also comprises of guest rooms. They also offer some extra amenities such as king size beds, mini bars and many others services (Hassanain, 2009). In their front office services their staff work for the limited hours along with front office services of for limited number of hours.

Analyzing the roles and responsibilities of a range of accommodation and reception services staff.

In five star Legendary Hotel the roles and responsibilities of a range of accommodation services their staff provide extensive personalized services to their guests along with all time attention towards their needs and desires. The key roles and responsibilities of staff of hotel is to offers 24 hour room service for food and beverages. Their reception services are opened for 24 hours a day along with multilingual staff. In their room amenities their accommodation facilities area beyond with personalized accommodation services which are the key roles and responsibility of their staff (Ren, Chrysostomou and Price, 2012). The Cavendish hotel which is four rated star hotel their staff provide accommodation services in a well furnished way along with offering of excellent services to its customers. Their reception is opened for 18 hours along with facility of 24 hours phone accessibility for its customers and their staff provides 24 hours beverage services to its guests.

Discussing the legal and statutory requirements that apply to rooms division operations

Legal and statutory requirements that apply to room division operations for five star hotels are that they provide all those comfort services which are essential for the guest of five star hotels. These legal and statutory requirements are meeting the quality standards regarding cleanliness, physical facilities and other hospitality services and their services should comprise of personalized care for its guests (Anderson, 2012). In their rooms and suites it is necessary that their organization should maintain accommodation facility in very safe and hygienic manner. at least 80 percent of the bedrooms of the hotels are to comprised with suit bathrooms and showers with thermostatically controlled feature. In four star hotels their room division is to be comprises of bedrooms along with suit bathrooms and permanent availability of Wi-Fi and internet connections in the rooms. Regarding their statutory requirements their room division operations should match with the level of four star qualities of hospitality and cleanliness services

Evaluating the services provided by the room division in a range of hospitality business.

In five star hotels the range of the services provided by room division by the Legendary Hotel of London is that they offers the extensive range of services to its guest such as excellent level of comfort, quality and luxuries to its customers (Hassanain, 2009). They provide customized services to its guests like greetings, flowers and presents for them, personal care products and many extra facilities like shoe polish, ironing etc. In addition to this they also have Concierge and page boy, valet parking services and 24 hours of food, beverages and minibar services to guests. In four star hotels The Cavendish London their services regarding the room division are excellent and they also offers services like child care services, food and beverage service in all public areas of the hotel etc. In their room service division they also offer cosmetic and branded bath products to its customers (Armistead, Johnston and Voss, 2006). In the lobby and other areas of the hotel there is presence of upholstered chairs, couch and other extra facilities to its guests and customers.

Understanding The Impact Of Contemporary Management Issues On The Effective Management And Business Performance In The Front Of House Area

Assessing the importance of the front of house area to effective management

The importance of the front of house area to effective management is significant part of the hospitality because it includes guest service, dining rooms, bar, accommodations etc. For accomplishing the success of hotel it is important to understand the importance of front of house. It encompasses all the sections and divisions of hotel such as training staff, restaurant, food, beverages, housekeeping etc. It is necessary that all the functions of the front of house area are to be planned in very well mannered as the staff of the hotel has to directly interact with the customers and guests of the hotel (Fallon, and Rutherford, 2010). A good front of house area gives an effective link between the customers and hotel and this state’s about the satisfaction experience of customers, so by analyzing this fact it is essential that front of house experience plays major roles towards perception of customers.

Discussing the key aspects of planning and management of the front of house area for a hospitality operation

The key aspects of planning and management of the front of house area for a hospitality operation in the hotel is that for ensuring the positive guest interaction there should be maximum level of efficiency at process and system of front house area. Another key aspects of planning and management of the front house area is that staff of this department are to be fully trained and they should also ensures about its all operation functions because they directly have an interaction with guests (Rajgopal, 2013). Front house area also coordinates the link between all the other division and departments of the hotel so coordination is also one of the important aspects of hospitality operations.

Discussing the key operational issues affecting the effective management and business performance of the front office

There are some major operational issues which affect the management and business performance of the front office which are:

Skills and knowledge: Sometimes the staff of the hotel does not have full knowledge and skills regarding the work at the time of interacting with guests. As some have language barriers, performance barriers and any skills which are necessary while dealing with the guests of the hotel (Xie and Peng, 2012).

Technological issue: Due to advancement in technology customers and guests directly book their rooms and suits via website of the hotel. Sometimes the problem may occur when the employees of the hotel and guests book the same room or staff for the customers. This occurs because the staff does not know about the bookings done by the customers through the website of hotel (Gayar,. and, 2011).

Staff problem: As in five star hotels their business operations runs continuously for 24 hours and seven days in a week which affects the problem of staff. This problem arises becomes the staff has to work for number of long hours. Even the reception of the hotel is opened for 24 hours so the staffs are not ready to work for very long hours

Understanding The Factors That Contribute To Effective Management And Business Performance In The Accommodation Service Function

Assessing the importance of property interiors and design to effective management

For accomplishing the satisfaction from the customers and guests of the hotel it is essential that the property interior and design function of the hotel is to planned in an very effective manner. The overall setting of the hotel is in accordance with the international standards of the hospitality industry and it should encompass with excellent quality of designing and interiors at rooms. The interior of the rooms and suits should be well furnished and they are to be comprises of automated services in the room (Law and Hsu, 2005). The interiors of the hotel are also to comprised of designer walls, king or queen sized beds, upscale decor at lobbies of the hotel etc. This all are the important part of the hotels which states about the effective management of the organization. The designing of the hotel is to be designed in such a way that their luxury suits are to be located at good location and the suits and the rooms satisfy the customers in beyond their imagination. Interiors and designs of the hotel give the ultimate experience to the customers and guests as this becomes their lifetime experience for them (Panvisavas and Taylor, 2006). The property interiors and design of the hotel details about its richness, luxuries and comfort offered by the hotel industry, if these factors are provide by the hotels than it means they are providing ultimate satisfaction to its customers.

Discussing the critical aspects of planning and management of the accommodation service function for hospitality operation

Accommodation service function in hospitality operation refers about the several facilities which are provide by the hotel to its guests like food, beverages, room services, ironing, shoe polish and other services which are provide for all 24 hours. It is very essential that all this services are to be planned and managed in a very effective way as they are the statutory requirements for maintaining the standards of five star hotel. Hotel management should plan all its activities and functions according to the international quality standards of the hospitality industry (Braham, 2004). The superiority in the five star hotels is only awarded when the accommodation services are provided with intensive guests and customer care services. All this functions of the hotel analyze about the effective planning and management function of the organization. in hospitality operation planning and managing the accommodation services are one of the crucial part of the hotel as this are the key services which provides personalized satisfaction to guests.

Applying Techniques To Maximize And Measure Occupancy And Rooms Revenue

Performing revenue/yield management activities to maximize occupancy and rooms revenue

Revenue or yield management in hotel industry describes about to maximize their revenue by selling the right kind of the product to the right customers at the right price and on the right time. For achieving the high profit the hotel management has to plan a good pricing strategy along with managing the occupancy of the rooms at correct price. There are some activities which will maximize the occupancy level and revenues from room:

  • Pricing of the rooms and suits according to demand of customers
  • Seasonal pricing like in seasons high prices for the rooms and in off season medium prices.
  • Group room booking services (Anderson, 2012).
  • Combo offers while booking for the suits with any other extra facilities according to requirement of the customers.

Discussing the sales techniques that room division staff can use to promote and maximize the revenue

Techniques of the sales in hospitality industry define about the attracting the higher number of the customers towards their side and this leads to maximization of revenue. To maximize the revenue and profit of the hotel it is essential that the room division staff of the hotel should also use some of the sales techniques. Like all time room services to customers according to their need, desires and wants which satisfy the customers in more effective way, turndown services, free personal care products, greetings from the staff etc. (Ren, Chrysostomou, and Price, 2012) While accommodating the customers the staff of the hotel should also convey to the customers about the availability of different services such as gym, spas, sports and many other services. This is one of the most effective ways of promotion which is called mouth advertizing sales technique.

Discussing the purpose and use of forecasting and statistical data within the room division

Forecasting and statistical data are done on the basis of the historical data and their main purpose is to analyze the future outcomes of the room division. These outcomes may source on the basis of some historic figures, expectations by the management and many other tools.  This helps the management to determine the future availability of customers, demands and indicating that how much revenue the organization can generate (Jayawardena and, 2013). This technique also helps the organization to identify the future opportunities and threats which are available to room division. On the basis of this forecasted and statistical data average revenue from the rooms, suits and extra services which are offered by the hotel can be analyzed that how much revenue they will generate in future.

Calculating the room division performance indicators to measure the success of accommodation sales

Average Daily Rate: Average daily rate of the room can be defined as total price of the rooms of the Legendary Hotel which are occupied divided by the number of rooms occupied.


From the above study it has been concluded that room division operation management is an effective function of the hotel industry as it specifies about the overall status of the hotel. Like it explains the different conditions of the hotel regarding its front office management, performance of business operations, accommodation services and also about the measurement of room occupancy and its revenue during the period.


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